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What You Need to Know About Ello

Posted by Serena Acker on 12/9/14 1:30 PM

Social media is very much a part of our agency culture here at SpinWeb. Most of us have active Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and LinkedIn profiles that we are addicted to (with varying degrees of intensity depending on the co-worker). What can I say, other than we love social media!

We hope that you equally love it and make it a priority for your business (and likely personally as well). It's a great way to connect, network, and keep up with industry trends. 

Speaking of the latest trends, have you heard of the newest social media kid on the block: Ello (which is not to be confused with Trello an organizational app, or Jell-o one of my favorite desserts)? Here's what you need to know.


Meet Ello

Ello was the brainchild of 7 designers and artists, and it shows in its simplistic design. It launched in March 2014 but has been gaining traction more recently. According to wikipedia, the social network was processing more than 30,000 signup requests per hour.

Our social media guru Rachael described Ello as, "the anti-Facebook. It feels like a hipster/designer paradise." You can search for friends, comment, and block users, much like other social platforms. So, what sets Ello apart?

You have to be invited

Ello is currently a by-invitation-only platform. Thus, in order to join the club, you've got to know someone who's already "in" the network. (Their website also suggests that you can request an invitation by visiting the homepage.)

My awesome friend and co-worker Allison invited me to the proverbial Ello party. I felt like the coolest girl in school when I got the email:


Ello isn't trying to be elitist. According to their confirmation email, it's currently in beta stages of working out kinks, so they want to roll it out slowly. 


Ello doesn't have ads

If you're like me, you often get tired of seeing certain things people post on Facebook (i.e. politics). Other times, you just feel lost and don't seem to be enjoying social media as much as you used to because of all the noise. 

Ello has helped quiet it by eliminating ads. That's right, Ello is ad free! (Insert much celebration and rejoicing here!) In fact, Ello calls ads "tacky" and thinks that "we're better off without them." Enough said.

Ello is free

Like most other social networks, Ello is also free (and committed to staying that way). But they dangle carrots occasionally by offering "special features" to users, which may tempt you into paying a small fee to add that feature to your account.

Ello is private

Ello has crossed its heart and hopes it dies that it will NEVER sell data about its users. It does collect data anonymized user behavior, which helps Ello understand how people are using it. But you can opt out if you're uncomfortable with that.

Ello has rules, and it will enforce them

Ello has a zero-tolerance policy for "abusive behavior" (hate, trolling, stalking, spamming, flaming, etc). Not abiding by these rules will result in "consequences." 

Ello helps you categorize

Follow the people you care most about in Friends. It helps you look at the full-sized content that you're interested in. Put everyone else in Noise, which has a fluid-grid based layout that makes it easy to scoll through.


Bottom line: If any of these features sound appealing to you, you might be able to use Ello effectively. (Need an invitation? Give us a shout!)

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