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What Spiders Can Teach Us About Inbound Marketing

Michael Reynolds

Posted by Michael Reynolds on 11/1/12 2:44 PM

spider_webIt's Halloween at SpinWeb! We had a great time at the office decorating and getting into the spirit with spiders, skeletons, jack-o-lantern bowling, and of course lots of webs. Feel free to check out somephotos of our Halloween shenanigans.

As part of the fun, we asked for creative "pun" captions for our spider web photo that used our company name or culture and we got some great ones! Among the comments was a humorous suggestion from Chris Theisen at FlexPAC (a SpinWeb client) and we couldn't resist. So here it is... "what spiders can teach us about inbound marketing."

Spiders build scalable systems

Spiders build webs to allow them to capture their "prospects" via an automated system, rather than hunting them down all day. The spider's web allows it to capture as many "leads" as possible without needing armies of helpers or relying on chasing after them. Like a spider, inbound marketing is a system that allows your business to scale its marketing efforts by setting up a system and then letting that system generate leads without having to chase them down. Spiders don't cold call... they create opportunities.

Spiders are process-oriented

Spiders build webs that are based on proven results. While some variations do exist, a spider will typically build webs with consistent patterns that are proven to generate results. In a similar fashion, your inbound marketing efforts will be more effective if you follow proven guidelines that have a track records for producing leads and revenue. Experimentation is good, but don't reinvent the wheel if you know what works. 

Spiders are persistent

Spider webs get knocked down all the time by weather, predators, and humans. So what do they do? They keep building more! Just like a persistent spider, you should learn from your mistakes. When a marketing campaign fails, get right back up and create a new one. Keep at it and you will see results through persistence.

Spider build multiple automated systems

A spider might build webs in many different locations in order to maximize its reach. While one web might achieve decent results, three webs might lead to three times the return. These webs operate as passive systems that work without additional intervention. You should approach your inbound marketing the same way. Instead of relying on one campaign or tactic, build multiple campaigns and let them all work for you. Then, you will be constantly increasing the number of inbound leads that you generate.

Spiders are patient

Spiders don't build a web and then expect results overnight. They let the web do its job over time. An inbound marketing campaign is no different. If you expect results in 30 days, you will be disappointed. However, over time your efforts will pay off in the form of inbound leads and sales. Keep at it and be patient.

Market like a spider

As you can see, spiders know quite a bit about inbound marketing. They rely on proven techniques, they build systems, and they patiently work those systems. Follow these same guidelines and you will enjoy results in the form of increased lead generation.

Hope you had a great Halloween!

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