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How to Craft a Results-Focused Marketing Budget

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.29.2015

How much money should you put towards your company's marketing budget?

It's a great question and I'm glad you asked! 


Getting to the right number for your particular company is a process that requires understanding the purpose of marketing. In this post, we'll cover the basics: revenue numbers, recommended percentages, purpose of marketing, deciding where your marketing spend goes and analyzing success from a results-focused perspective.

Ready? Let's do it.

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How to Report on Your Marketing Goals [Marketing Report Template]

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.28.2015

Each Tuesday in April, we've been talking #SpringMarketingGoals.

We've covered how to create the right goals, tactics to reach them and the urgency of setting mobile goals. Today it's time to wrap it up with reporting. We want you to feel like this guy pictured below, getting a round of applause from your team after you present your sweet report!


We know the pain that marketing directors feel when it comes time to report to the CEO about marketing goals.

What does the boss want to see? What metrics are important?

If you have clear, measurable goals (which you should by now if you're playing along), then reporting on those goals should be easy.

Here's a step-by-step for telling the right story with your monthly marketing report:

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Mobilegeddon: Are You Prepared to Face Your Ranking?

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.21.2015

In a world where everyone uses their smartphones to do everything, corporate websites are desperately clinging to their search rankings.


Are you prepared?


No, this is not a trailer for the new Jerry Bruckheimer movie. It's worse. Much worse.

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4 Big Marketing Goals and the Tactics to Reach Them [Infographic]

By Allison Gibbs | 04.14.2015

It's week 2 of #SpringMarketingGoals. Each week in April we’re writing about the nitty gritty of setting goals for marketing. With each post, we’re offering a useful download to help you put knowledge into practice. Like this tiny, successful businessman, we know that the arrow needs to go UP!


Last week we began with the basics: a simple 3 step process to determine appropriate goals for your business, with a worksheet. 

This week, we're diving deeper into effective tactics designed to support your overall marketing strategy. We want you to see that arrow go in the right direction! 

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3 Steps to Determine Appropriate Marketing Goals for Your Business [Worksheet]

By Allison Gibbs | 04.07.2015

You may have noticed that we started April with a Marketing Director’s Website RFP template to help you build a solid, useful document (if your company has a strict RFP policy for hiring a corporate website design agency). 


In addition to this offer, we’re kicking off our April #SpringMarketingGoals campaign. Each week, we’re writing about the nitty gritty of setting goals for marketing. Along with an informative post, we’re offering a useful download to help you put knowledge into practice.

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