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4 Field-Tested Virtual Meeting Platforms to Replace GoToMeeting

By Heather Lyon | 06.28.2016


You need to conduct a meeting, but nobody's in the same location. You've got a client that's in one time zone, and your marketing director is in another. You've got a sick kid at home, but the meeting must go on. Virtual meeting platforms make it possible to meet without meeting face-to-face, and as non-traditional office culture gains traction, it's quickly become one of the most popular ways to conduct business.

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[Quick Tip] Top 10 Google Hangout Rules for Remote Workers

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.14.2016


Working remotely is the best thing ever! But, it can make you lazy.

And when I say you I mean me.

Google Hangouts is one tool we use for meetings. I put together this list as a reminder to myself of virtual meeting etiquette when video is involved.

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Working at Home vs. Going to the Office

By Heather Lyon | 09.21.2015

Do you have the option to work from home or go to the office? If you're like me and you do have that option, you know how amazing it can be to have that kind of flexibility.


For the most part, I prefer to go into the office. It gets me out of the house and I like interacting with my co-workers face to face. Some of my co-workers are the opposite and would prefer to stay home. And this is fine too! Here's how I choose when to work at home and when to go into the office:

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The Most Important Part of a Great Company Culture

By Stephanie Fisher | 07.08.2015

What does company culture mean to you?

Beer Fridays! Forced march birthday parties in the conference room! Singing the LEGO® Movie theme song together?

NO, no, and maybe?

lego-team.jpg"Everything is AWESOME! Everything is cool when you're part of a team!"

stevie_uk /

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Misconceptions and FAQs About the Results-Only Work Environment™ [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 09.05.2014

A ROWE™ is a workplace that empowers all team members with total freedom and control over their time. It focused on the work, not old-school practices like office hours and PTO.

Naturally, many people have lots of questions ahout ROWE™. I sat down with Jody Thompson, co-creator of ROWE™, to unpack some of the most common questions.

Disclaimer: SpinWeb has been a ROWE™ since 2008 and fully endorses this work culture.

Resources referenced in this episode:

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Expand Your Conference Room With Chromebox for Meetings

By Michael Reynolds | 03.27.2014

If your organization is a ROWE like SpinWeb is, you probably have some team members that work remotely at least some of the time. Whether it be from home, from a coffee shop, or while traveling, we all know that work can happen anywhere.

Or maybe you are a multi-location company with team members all over the state or the country and you need an easy way to collaborate as a group. Sure, you can use Skype or Google Hangouts to meet 1-2-1 but what if you have a group meeting with more than a few people?

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