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SpinRadio E67 - How to Write a Better Website RFP

By Michael Reynolds | 05.27.2016

Welcome to SpinRadio your inbound marketing and sales radio show for marketing directors and sales managers. We broadcast every Friday at 10am Eastern LIVE. We take questions from listeners via and email. We also live tweet with the hashtag #SpinRadio.


In today's episode, we're discussing all the problems with the typical website RFP process and how to fix it. This is a must-listen for marketing directors who are planning a new website. Don't start writing that RFP until you hear this episode!

Click play below for the live show (or a recording of it if you missed it). The next episode is LIVE at 10am Eastern today. Just refresh this page at 10am if you don't see the live stream yet (it will show last week's recording until then). Or if you missed this one, you can listen to the recording below. The latest episode always streams live at

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3 Things That Don't Belong in a Website RFP

By Abby Stearns | 05.13.2015

We've gone over some of the best practices for crafting a really great website request for proposal (RFP), including this handy template

But one thing we didn't mention was the flip-side–the things that just don't belong. This is a topic near and dear to my heart, since I do get the privilege of seeing a lot of website RFP's come across my inbox.


Here are a few things you should just leave out of your website RFP.

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How Many Website Quotes Do You Truly Need?

By Abby Stearns | 05.07.2015

I hear it ALL the time: "Hi, there! We would like a quote for a new website. We are talking to five other agencies as well. How soon can you get it to us?"



First of all, this is not how SpinWeb works. In fact, it is not how very many digital agencies work at all. We don't have canned quotes to deliver to those who call or email us requesting a quote or with a website RFP.

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The Marketing Director's Time-saving Website RFP Template [Word Doc]

By Michael Reynolds | 04.01.2015

You're a savvy marketing director who has been tasked with issuing an RFP for your organization's new website. While the prospect of leading the charge to create a new website sounds awesome, the thought of spending hours writing a boring RFP probably doesn't sound like the most fun way to spend your day.

As a side note, if you can avoid issuing an RFP and just interview agencies based on the ones you like then I would go this route. RFPs are usually designed to satisfy company leadership that feels that this is the best way to make a decision. If you are required by your company to issue an RFP, this template and process will at least ensure that you approach it with efficiency and the right tools to make a good decision.


We get it. We see lots of website RFPs and to be honest, most of them are terrible. They ask for the wrong information, they use outdated language and they usually end up discouraging serious agencies from responding because of the way they are written.

But not your RFP! We've provided a thorough but easy-to-use website RFP template that you can download (no form required) and customize for your project.

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