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How to Keyword Research Like the Pros

By Allison Gibbs | 05.24.2016


Keyword research can come across as this super secret algorithm that only marketers know. Not true—you don't need to know the secret handshake to unlock the mysteries of keyword research. I'm going to demystify this for you, once and for all.

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How Can I Know What My Customer Is Searching For?

By Allison Gibbs | 01.06.2016

Did you know there are over 40,000 search queries every second on Google or 3.5 billion searches every day? That's a whole lot of searching!

With that many searches, how do you ensure you're creating content that your customers are searching for? Keyword research.


So how do you perform good keyword research that produces solid results?

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Organize Your Blog Research With Instapaper [Quick Tip]

By Allison Gibbs | 09.08.2014

instapaper-logo-smallI love me some blogs. I subscribe to a bunch because I can't get enough of other people's viewpoints. (Maybe it's the internet interpretation of my love for people watching?) We've all hit that point where our inboxes are out of control and if you get one more email with a new blog post to consume, you might panic.

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Why Research Makes You a Better Marketer

By Serena Acker | 06.12.2014

Good marketing is inbound marketing. (We would say that, though, since we're an Inbound Marketing agency and HubSpot partner.)

We've covered previously how good content is the fuel that drives inbound marketing. We might even go so far as to say that content is king because it's your quality content that keeps readers coming back for more.

This is precisely why we got concerned emails here at SpinWeb when we had a blogging hiatus as we were re-doing our website last Fall. Not only were our friends concerned for our well-being ("Are you guys still alive over there? Just checking since you haven't posted a blog for a few weeks"), they missed our expertise ("Please tell me you're reviving your blog sometime soon. There's still more I need to learn from you!") We were flattered. (Really.)


But that great fodder doesn't just come out of thin air. Here at SpinWeb, we have two full-time Content Developers who do just that: develop amazing content for our clients. As brilliant as Steph and I are, we aren't necessarily experts in every field we write about. That's why a lot of our time is devoted to research, which makes us better marketers in the end. Here's why:

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