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Is Your Sales Team Ready for Inbound Marketing? [QUIZ]

By Michael Reynolds | 08.19.2015

A great inbound marketing program is only as strong as the sales process that goes with it. Inbound leads are not magic. It takes time and effort to earn their business and that's where strong sales people come in.

The best sales people have a strong sales process to guide them and set them up for success. How strong is your sales process? Is your sales team ready for inbound marketing?

Take the quiz to find out.

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What is Your Inbound Marketing IQ? [Quiz]

By Stephanie Fisher | 08.05.2014

Are you an inbound marketing genius? Not even sure what inbound marketing is? If you fall into the latter category, no worries! Just cram for the quiz with the cliff notes!

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How to Drive Engagement With Online Quizzes [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 07.18.2014

There are plenty of ways to engage your audience online. Blogging, social media, and video are all effective tools in your Inbound Marketing toolbox.

But have you considered quizzes?

Join us for this episode of The Digital Exec as we talk with Josh Little, Head Quizzard at Qzzr, to learn how to drive engagement with online quizzes.

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Michael Reynolds: Hey everyone, Michael Reynolds here with SpinWeb and welcome to The Digital Exec., a marketing insights show for business leaders. I'm here today with Josh Little from Qzzr. Josh, how are you today?

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