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How to Email a List to Basecamp in 1 Easy Step [Quick Tip]

By Heather Lyon | 05.02.2016

Much like Santa Claus, we here at SpinWeb depend heavily upon lists. They help us ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, and enable us to maintain our consistency. (Unlike Santa, we don't concern ourselves with the state of your naughtiness or niceness. That's your business.) We use lists for everything from Inbound Marketing Blueprinting to Website Process, and we appreciate the simplicity of emailing our super important lists to Basecamp.  We love it so much, we're going to share the process with you! (You can thank us later.)

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Impossible Doesn't Exist [Quick Inspiration]

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.11.2016


We take a short break from our regular Monday "Quick Tip" programming, to bring you some inspiration for your week.

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[Quick Tip] Google Trick for Idea Generation

By Michael Reynolds | 02.29.2016


Image: d8nn /

We put out a call for ideas for our weekly Quick TIp blog posts, asking you to submit your own QTs. 

Today's tip comes from a friend on Facebook, Derek McClain. 

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[Quick Tip] How to Be a Google Power User

By Sam McKinney | 02.08.2016

Everyone knows search engines basically run the internet. But did you know there are many lesser-known ways to make your searching better?  Check out this infographic from imgur to find out how.

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Get More Blog Subscribers With This One Trick [Quick Tip]

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.23.2015

Sound too good to be true? I promise this quick tip is a seriously simple tactic you can do right now to help boost your blog subscriber list.

Head over to your Contact Us page. Do you use a web form? 

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Declutter Your Inbox and Email Subscriptions [Quick Tip]

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.02.2015

I'm on a major "declutter" kick right now at home. Clothes were the first things to get my new declutter treatment. Toys and books are next.

A tip from Michael on SpinRadio the other day got me thinking about decluttering my Inbox. 

Now, I'm on a mission to unsubscribe from any newsletter, blog, or email list that doesn't provide value or that I ignore on a regular basis, for whatever reason. The emails that I reflexively delete without even looking at the subject line too closely. I'm sure you have the same inbox problems.

I signed up for Unroll Me, a service that analyzes your inbox and lets you easily unsubscribe from lists or "roll up" subscriptions into one convenient place.


The service is very streamlined and simple to use. I was amazed to see that I had 108 subscriptions! 

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Customer Survey Questions to Fuel Your Content Machine [Quick Tip]

By Allison Gibbs | 10.26.2015

Customer or client surveys present a perfect opportunity to ask questions specifically designed to get content ideas and feedback. Brilliantly sneaky, right?! Your clients get a chance to give you feedback, and you get a free energy source for your content machine.


Here are a few suggestions: 

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Working at Home vs. Going to the Office

By Heather Lyon | 09.21.2015

Do you have the option to work from home or go to the office? If you're like me and you do have that option, you know how amazing it can be to have that kind of flexibility.


For the most part, I prefer to go into the office. It gets me out of the house and I like interacting with my co-workers face to face. Some of my co-workers are the opposite and would prefer to stay home. And this is fine too! Here's how I choose when to work at home and when to go into the office:

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How to Send Large Files Through Email [Quick Tip]

By Michael Reynolds | 08.17.2015

You finally put the finishing touches on that presentation. It's gone through 97 revisions and it's full of beautiful images and charts and even a video! It's so awe-inspiring and you can't wait to send it off to your boss for review.

You draft a new email, attach the file, and hit send. Wooooosh! Off it goes and you start to sit back and bask in your awesomeness as you check off that project on your todo list. Wait, what's that new message coming into your inbox? Is it your boss already praising you for your masterpiece?


Sadly, no. It's an "UNDELIVERABLE" notification featuring our old pal "MAILER-DAEMON" yelling at us because the attachment was too big (157MB is ok, right?).

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