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How to Admit to Your Customers That You Messed Up

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.13.2016

One of my biggest weaknesses is getting defensive when I make a mistake. Big or little, my instinct is self-preservation. It's not my fault! 


Or, I might try to ignore it and hope it goes away. Like this guy.

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[Quick Tip] Your Homepage Content Checklist

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.11.2016

Your homepage is the first opportunity your company has to convert visitors, so your content should be written with this in mind. Bring up your website's homepage in another tab and follow along with this simple checklist to see if your homepage passes the test:


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6 Simple Ways to Improve Customer Service

By Stephanie Fisher | 08.04.2015

There is a particular coffee shop in town that I avoid now.

You know the chain, but I'm not naming names. It rhymes with Aw Shucks.

Normally the baristas are pretty friendly, but there's this one. He refuses to say Hello. One time he didn't say a single word for the whole transaction. I ordered, he took my money, he gave me my drink. Not a word. Not a smile.

It was awkward. It was the opposite of a pleasant customer service experience. And I'm easy to please (even though the tone of this post so far is "kids these days!" Maybe I'm turning into a cranky old person).

A. He could smile.

B. He could say "Hi, can I take your order?"

C. He could not be so smug.

Have we gotten so fancy with our handheld gadgetry and too cool for school with our post-post-modern attitudes? Of course this isn't just a problem among baristas or fast food workers. Our B2B interactions could use a little refresher on good customer service, as well.

These six tips are back to basics for any business or organization who wants to improve their customer service game.

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How to Monitor Your Brand with a Google Alert [Quick Tip]

By Stephanie Fisher | 06.08.2015

It's easy to set up a Google Alert for your company name, a product name or just about anything you'd like to monitor on the internet.


"Did somebody say my name?"

When someone writes an article about your company or posts something to social media about your brand or employees, you can know right away.

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Tips for Responding to Comments on Social Media

By Stephanie Fisher | 05.27.2015

Many organizations take online criticism poorly and end up making a mountain out of a molehill by overreacting.

Don't feed the trolls!

When someone leaves a nasty comment or a sincere complaint on your company's Facebook page, how should you respond? When YouTube commenters start serving up snarky criticism on your latest video, what do you do? This post will give you a few guidelines for dealing with comments on social media.

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Incorporating Real-Time PR and Marketing Into Your Business [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 08.01.2014

Does your business operate in "real time?" What does that even mean?

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