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Our Podcast Hardware/Software Shopping List

By Michael Reynolds | 04.03.2017

As you may know, SpinWeb delivers a weekly digital marketing podcast called SpinRadio. It's designed for marketing directors and CMOs and provides a weekly update with trends and insights in digital marketing.

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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Multimedia Content for Digital Marketing

By Allison Gibbs | 09.12.2016


What kinds of content do consumers want? Marketers like us would sure like to know!

A couple of weeks ago we got a sneak peek at HubSpot's State of Inbound 2016 report and the data on consumer content demand and podcasting really got our attention.

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Podcasting Resources Roundup and Your MBO16 $20 Off Code

By Michael Reynolds | 08.30.2016


So, if 2015 was the year that podcasting caught fire, then we think 2016 is the year that business podcasting really blows up (in a good way). Should your company start a podcast? Can it really lead to revenue? I have answers to those questions.

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SpinRadio Episode #64 - What to Do When Leads Go Stale

By Michael Reynolds | 04.29.2016

Welcome to SpinRadio your inbound marketing and sales radio show. We broadcast every Friday at 10am Eastern LIVE. We take questions from listeners via and email. We also live tweet with the hashtag #SpinRadio.


In today's episode, we're discussing how to handle stale leads and prospects and how to potentially revive them (or let them go).

Click play below for the live show (or a recording of it if you missed it). The next episode is LIVE at 10am Eastern today. Just refresh this page at 10am if you don't see the live stream yet (it will show last week's recording until then). Or if you missed this one, you can listen to the recording below. The latest episode always streams live at

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How to Find Great Intro and Outro Music for Your Company Podcast

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.27.2016


Analogy time: Music is to podcasts what good lighting is to video. Meaning, it's really important.

We beat the podcasting drum pretty loud around here, and we're not ashamed of it. 

You might have heard us talk about it on our own podcast. Yes, we podcast about podcasting.

You might have read about it on our blog. We've got your podcast content strategy here. Your FAQ here. We got you covered on how to start.

What haven't we covered?


The production side of podcasting does seem to generate the most anxiety and questions. And one of those production areas is the intro and outro music, along with other musical elements, like transitions. But there are so many resources at hand that it shouldn't be the case. This is the internet, after all.

Warning: do not use copyrighted music! For a brief review of how to avoid copyright issues, see our Common Sense Guide to Copyright Online guide.

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Stats and Facts About Business Podcasting That Will Blow Your Mind

By Michael Reynolds | 04.05.2016


Podcasts are one of the fastest-growing forms of media, and businesses are finally hopping on the bandwagon. In fact, we at SpinWeb put out a podcast of our weekly inbound marketing and sales strategy internet radio show, SpinRadio. There are tons of reasons why you should consider joining the podcast movement—here are a few of them. 

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Answers to Your Most Popular Questions About Podcasting

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.09.2016

If you're a marketing professional, you've probably heard of podcasting. You may even listen to podcasts. But are you producing one for your company?

Podcasting can seem a little intimidating to some but it's not as hard as it looks. We get a lot of questions about this medium so we sat down with our CEO and co-host of our own podcast, Michael Reynolds, to ask some of the most common questions about podcasting.

Q: Why should I podcast?

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How to Start a Podcast for Your Company

By Michael Reynolds | 09.30.2015

There are a lot of ways to engage with your prospective customers using content. A good inbound marketing program makes use of multiple formats and mediums.

The written word can be a powerful way to communicate your message, but it's not the only way.

Remember back when the first iPhone was released and there was this these things called "podcasts" that formed at the same time? Podcasts were hot at first, then fell out of trend for a while.

Now, however, the podcasting movement is back in full force. According to Edison Research, one-third (33%) of all Americans 12 years of age or older now say they have listened to at least one podcast. And the numbers keep growing. The percentage of Americans who have listened to a podcast in the past month has almost doubled since 2008, from 9% to 17% by January of 2015. The percentage listening in 2015 was up two points over 2014 levels (15%).

So what does this mean for your business?


It means that you have an opportunity to get ahead of a growing content medium and start utilizing it for your business (before your competitors do).

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How to Listen to Podcasts (And a List of Our Favorites)

By Stephanie Fisher | 05.06.2015

In two easy steps: You put in your earbuds and press play.

For those who have yet to discover the joys of listening to podcasts, it may not be that simple. 


It's time I shared my love of podcasts with you. Audio content has been a growing areas of media and content production and consumption. Audiobooks, live radio shows, podcasts... there is a lot of good stuff out there just waiting to be heard.

Audio content is a unique media because you can consume it while getting other things done.This is why so many busy people are tuning in.

Podcasts consist of a variety of audio content. TV or radio news shows offer versions of the broadcast as a podcast. DJs offer music mixes in podcast form. Live internet radio shows like our own SpinRadio offer recorded episodes as a podcast feed.

Ready to start listening? Let's get started.

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