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6 Quick Ways to Salvage a Bad Photo

By Stephanie Fisher | 06.23.2016


You've got a photo you want to use for your website, but there's something missing—it's close, but it's not quite perfect. How can you make a bad photo better? Is it possible?

Don't fret! We've come to the rescue with some helpful hints that can turn your meh photo into magic

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Stock Photography vs Your Photography On Your Website

By Stephanie Fisher | 10.13.2015

Have you heard the story of the presidential candidate who used foreign stock video and photos in a campaign video? A video that was supposed to be showing beautiful American scenery...


This may be an extreme example of "when stock photography goes wrong," but it should serve as a warning to us all.

When selecting photos and images for your websites and digital marketing, there are times when stock photos are perfect, and times when your own images should be used.


Stock Photography

When you don't have high quality professional images on hand, stock photos are a nice option.

But buyer beware: not all stock are created equal! After looking through about five zillion stock photos, you get an eye for what works and what doesn't. Here are my quick tips for searching for the right photo on a site like Shutterstock, which is what we use:

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5 Free Apps (and 1 Cheap App) for Creating Custom Social Media Images

By Stephanie Fisher | 08.20.2015

Stock photography can be expensive and boring, but it's an easy shortcut when you don't have time or access to original, high-quality images.

Custom images and original photography are more eye-catching, but it still takes time and money to create custom images.

I like to use apps like Canva to design custom images for blog posts and social media, especially when I want to breathe some life into a stock photo (more tips on how to pick the right stock photos over here).

But what about using free apps on my phone for whipping up an original image with a filter and text?

Image made with the app Over(made with mobile app Over, using a photo of my scarf as a background texture)

I recently recommended this to a client who wanted to create custom social media images, but didn't want to pay for stock photos. I wanted to test drive a few free mobile apps to see which ones I liked best.

With each app, I wanted to add a photo that I took with my phone. Add text. Add a filter. That's pretty much the secret sauce foundation to creating a good image to share on Instagram and Facebook.

Here's what I found.

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Tutorial: How to Resize a Photo for Your Website

By Stephanie Fisher | 07.28.2015

You will never guess what our support team says is the #1 question they get from our clients.

Wait, maybe you've already figured it out because you read the title of this post.


Yes, "How can I resize this photo for my website?" is our #1 head-scratcher of an issue, and it's high time we provided a tutorial to make resizing easier for everyone. First, here are some photo editing tools to help you do the job, if you need them.

But what does it mean when someone says "I need to resize this photo."

This can actually have a few different meanings.

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6 Best Practices for Posting Event Photos

By Rachael Vail-Steele | 02.03.2015

You just came back from a huge event your company hosted. You’re a little tired, but happy the event was a success. What do you do next? Upload all of the photos you took to your website, right?

Wait! Do not drop your entire photo album on your website! Too many bulky images and too many megabytes will slow down your web page’s load time and affect your SEO.


What should you do?

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5 Easy Tips for Taking Great Headshots [Quick Tip]

By Serena Acker | 01.12.2015

If you're a Marketing Director or Assistant, chances are that you've been put in charge of updating your staff's headshots. Instead of hiring an expensive photographer, use these quick tips and take them yourself.


It's all about the angle.

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5 Creative Ways Your Company Can Use Hyperlapse from Instagram

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.06.2015

Since the invention of the handheld video camera at the pre-internet dawn of mankind, video has steadily grown more accessible to the average Joe.


Smart phones have made video creation stupidly simple. And now there are countless tools and apps that let you capture, edit and publish beautiful videos from your phone. Forward-thinking brands who are active on social media embraced this tech right away, but many are still reluctant or unsure of how to incorporate video content into their marketing.

The latest and greatest thing in 2014 is Hyperlapse from Instagram

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5 Photo Editing Tricks Every Marketer Should Know

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.13.2014

You don't have to be a photoshop wizard to perform photo editing magic. Photo apps give you the power of editing without having to understand what "dodge and burn" mean.


We've discussed some of our favorite free photo editing apps in the past. Here, I will pass along a few simple tricks that every marketer should have up his or her sleeve. 

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How to Choose the Right Stock Photo: Use This, Not That

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.11.2014

Those of us who eat, sleep and breathe content, understand too well the joys and sorrows of stock photography. The wonder of finding a fresh perspective for a tired subject. The meme-worthy nature of a particular subgenre of stock photo (women laughing alone with salad).


When you don't have original, high quality photography on hand, stock photos can be a life saver. We use stock a lot, especially for blog posts and longer content pieces like ebooks and slide decks.

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