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What Image File Type Should I Use On My Website? [Quick Tip]

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.23.2015

The short answer for most cases is JPEG.

But, there is a long answer with a flow chart for those of you overachievers out there.

I found this on Google Developers, and thought it might be of interest to our readers and clients, as it is a popular question.

The three universal web image formats are: GIF, PNG, and JPEG. Which do you choose? Follow the chart below:

image source: Google Developers

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When to Use an XML Sitemap [Quick Tip]

By Stephanie Fisher | 08.04.2014


From the "SpinWeb Support Files" this week, we bring you a question that gets asked occasionally of our support team. Do I need to submit a Sitemap to Google Webmaster Tools?

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What Are Google Webmaster Tools?

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.06.2014

You are probably well aware of the many wonderful and useful Google apps and tools. Not to be too dramatic, but I almost can't imagine life without Google. I use Chrome, Mail, Drive, Analytics, Places, Google Plus, and I could keep going but I'll stop at Google Webmaster Tools (GWT) since that is what this blog post is all about.

Webmaster Tools aren't just for webmasters! Marketing directors and those outside the IT department can benefit from using Webmaster Tools for checking on the health of a website. If you do have to manage your website on occasion, it's great to know the basics.


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The Power of Planning

By Michael Reynolds | 06.25.2013

house_PlanHere at SpinWeb, we love working with customers to create uniquely-designed, beautiful websites that meet their needs. It probably goes without saying, but I’m going to say it anyway: no two websites we create are duplicates. (We believe that templates are for website weenies.)

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4 Free Keyword Research Tools

By Allison Gibbs | 06.18.2013

KeyWe're often asked, "Where do your blog topics come from?" Most clients are surprised to find out there's a little science involved with some keyword research where we look into various search terms trying to figure out the best direction to go with content. 

We've tried a ton of different keyword research tools over the years and these four keyword tools we're sharing today are some of our favorites. Plus, they're free!

What is a keyword research tool, you ask? These tools not only show us what people are searching for on the web, they allow us dive a little deeper by uncovering related search terms. These related search terms lead us down different paths providing more information about our audience's search habits. This information then leads us to more content ideas tailored specially for our audience. 

Uber Suggest

One of my favorite places to start keyword research is Uber Suggest. Uber Suggest is a great resource for uncovering related search terms and often our first go-to keyword research tool. The simple user interface allows you to just cut to the chase. Enter a keyword (you can even select the language or vertical market if you need more specifics.), complete the captcha and click suggest.

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5 Ways to Improve Your Website Conversion Rates

By Michael Reynolds | 05.03.2013

website-chartsSome companies focus on getting twice as many people as possible to visit their website. And, really, that’s not a bad thing. The more traffic you have, the more sales you’re likely to make.

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Best Practices for a Killer Mobile Website [Slide Deck]

By Michael Reynolds | 03.26.2013

Michael_Killer_Mobile_WebsiteI recently had the pleasure of speaking at CJ McClanahan's RLS program, as well as theRevenue North Conference. The topic? Mobile website best practices.

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How to Hire Great Employees Using Social Media

By Michael Reynolds | 06.09.2012

HiredHiring the right people is critical to your business success. In fact, some would call it the most important part of your marketing.

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It's Not Just About SEO Anymore

By Michael Reynolds | 01.23.2012

puzzleI cannot count the number of times an organization has come to us looking for us to "do SEO" for their website. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has been a hot topic for a while and seems to be in no danger of losing steam.

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