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What Counts as a Marketing Conversion for Non-profits?

By Michael Reynolds | 05.22.2014

Great Inbound Marketing is all about increasing awareness, serving your audience, and encouraging conversions. Most companies have a very clear conversion: a purchase, an engagement, or a consultation. Any action that results in a purchase or gets a prospect into the sales process is the typical conversion.

But what about non-profits?


Many non-profits are resistant to getting too focused on "marketing" because it feels too corporate or business-ey/aggressive (do you like how I just made up that phrase?). Because of this, they often set vague goals that are focused mainly on general "awareness" or even vanity metrics like Facebook likes.

In reality, non-profits could really benefit from a healthy dose of business thinking. After all, a non-profit can't effectively carry out its mission without money, right? There is nothing wrong with going after that revenue.

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5 Ways to Show Love to Your Sponsors

By Michael Reynolds | 02.14.2014

If you’ve put on an event, you know how important (and difficult) it can be to find sponsors. If you put on an annual or repeating event, then you likewise know how important (and difficult) it can be to find repeat sponsors. After all, people aren’t usually eager to part with their money, which is why it’s super important (especially if you’re a non-profit) to treat them well.

Sometimes keeping sponsors around is referred to donor retention, and it’s a hot topic of discussion in the nonprofit sector. There are books written on it and even boot camps devoted to the topic.

What’s the big deal?

Sponsor retention is the measure of how many continue to donate to your organization. And because money matters (so much so that they say it makes the world go ‘round), it’s kind of a big deal to keep your supporters around.

All too often, organizations seem happy to just accept a check from a sponsor and slap their logo on some corresponding signage. However, sponsors are really important to the financial health of non-profits. I might even go so far as to say that sponsors should be revered and treated with utmost respect and gratitude.

That being said, on this Valentine’s Day, here are a few ways to show some love to your sponsors.


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Modern Fundraising for Innovative Non-Profits [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 02.06.2014

Money makes the world go 'round, and it's no different for non-profits.

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How to Build a Great Volunteer Marketing Committee

By Michael Reynolds | 06.27.2013

HandsWe do a lot of work with non-profits andassociations and we absolutely love helping them reach their goals using web and marketing strategies.

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How to Appeal to Younger Donors

By Michael Reynolds | 07.19.2012

PuzzleAt SpinWeb, we love working with non-profits and find that there are usually lots of opportunities to help them modernize their online presence and marketing strategies.

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Add New Life to Your Annual Report With Video

By Michael Reynolds | 01.16.2012

VideoAt SpinWeb, we work with a number of foundations and non-profit organizations. We love working with non-profits and helping them tell their stories.

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Celebrating Our Non-Profit Heroes

By Michael Reynolds | 12.19.2011

Muscle_ManAt SpinWeb, we love working with charitable non-profits. We love working with many different kinds of organizations but non-profits are very special to us because they are so focused on changing the world for the better and they encourage others to give, volunteer, and devote resources to causes that create real improvement in people's lives.

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Creative Ideas for Online Sponsorship packages

By Michael Reynolds | 12.12.2011

sponsorship-packagesSponsors are a significant portion of revenue for many organizations. Many of our non-profit and associations clients depend on attracting sponsors to help them fund programs throughout the year.

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Why Non-Profits Need Marketing

By Michael Reynolds | 11.28.2011

hand_treeMarketing is something that pretty much all businesses do (or should be doing). Selling products and services requires finding customers. However, in the non-profit world where the task is usually todo more with less, marketing sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. I've observed countless terrific non-profits doing great work that truly makes the world a better place, yet struggle to generate revenue because of weak marketing.

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Three Elements of a Great Non-Profit Website

By Michael Reynolds | 04.05.2011

Pie_GraphAt SpinWeb, we love providing non-profit website design services. The non-profit community is full of amazing people who are working toward making the world a better place. Just like corporations, non-profits need to communicate online and tell a story. For this reason, a non-profit's website is one of the most important components of its PR and communications strategy.

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