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5 Tips and Best Practices for Using Instagram for Your "Boring" Company

By Michael Reynolds | 09.09.2015

The kids love Instagram. And it's not just the kids. Consumer brands are all over it and with good reason. It's a very image-centric mobile-only platform which makes it perfect for promoting "fun" products like baby clothes and sports drinks.

But what about your "boring" business? What if you are in a conservative industry like engineering, manufacturing, financial services or legal services?

I would argue that while your industry may not be as fun on the surface as a consumer brand, there are lots of ways to uncover the more lighthearted side of your business. Which this in mind, Instagram can be a great tool for expanding your social reach.


So how do you use Instagram in a more conservative industry?

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5 Creative Ways Your Company Can Use Hyperlapse from Instagram

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.06.2015

Since the invention of the handheld video camera at the pre-internet dawn of mankind, video has steadily grown more accessible to the average Joe.


Smart phones have made video creation stupidly simple. And now there are countless tools and apps that let you capture, edit and publish beautiful videos from your phone. Forward-thinking brands who are active on social media embraced this tech right away, but many are still reluctant or unsure of how to incorporate video content into their marketing.

The latest and greatest thing in 2014 is Hyperlapse from Instagram

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Businesses Who Have Their Instagram Together

By Stephanie Fisher | 12.04.2014

If you need a little inspiration for your business's Instagram account, we have it right here. These brands are creating winning visual content, engaging with fans and customers, and showing us all how it is done.


Let us begin with everyone's favorite kind of photo--food!

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