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Business Gift-Giving Etiquette [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 11.28.2013

Christmas will be here before you know it. And with it comes gift giving.

In this episode of The Digital Exec, we sit down with Colleen Fanning, Boss at Grey Market Wine, to discuss the ins and outs of business gift-giving etiquette.

If you're feeling stuck when it comes to gifts this holiday season, this episode is for you. We'll have fun chatting about what makes a great business gift. If you want to know how to demystify finding the perfect present for your co-workers (or how to pick out a great bottle of wine), you'll want to listen!



Michael: We're live! Michael Reynolds here with the SpinWeb for episode 10 of the Digital Exec. I'm here with Colleen Fanning, CEO of Grey Market Wine. How are you Colleen?

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14 Ways to Show Love to Your Customers

By Michael Reynolds | 02.15.2013

heartIt's Valentine's Day and florists and candy shops everywhere are enjoying a nice bump in sales. Side note: If you need some last-minute ideas, our client, Elfcu, has a nice post on budget-friendly Valentine's Day ideas.

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Celebrating Our Non-Profit Heroes

By Michael Reynolds | 12.19.2011

Muscle_ManAt SpinWeb, we love working with charitable non-profits. We love working with many different kinds of organizations but non-profits are very special to us because they are so focused on changing the world for the better and they encourage others to give, volunteer, and devote resources to causes that create real improvement in people's lives.

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