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[Quick Tip] How to Onboard an Executive Sales Assistant

By Abby Stearns | 04.04.2016


Good news!  You've got a new team member of your sales team, but now you need to figure out how to get that person up and running with as little pain (and interruption in daily business) as possible. How do you proceed?

 1. Formulate a plan. Figure out the daily tasks you need them to start taking over. Map it out so the new hire will know precisely on which tasks they should be focused.

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How to Use LinkedIn Jobs to Find Great Team Members

By Serena Acker | 01.21.2014

LinkedIn is one of the fastest-growing online professional networks. It has over 225 million professionals around the world as members and grows at a rate over over two new users per second. Think about that for a second...and 2 more new users were just added. At this rate, LinkedIn users may take over the world! (Insert evil laugh here.)

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How to Hire the Right Sales Team for Inbound Marketing [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 01.16.2014

Hiring the right person can be difficult. Hiring the right sales team for inbound marketing can be darned near impossible.

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