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Review: Google Analytics Mobile App

By Allison Gibbs | 01.10.2017


If you're like me, you may be discovering the joys of upgrading from a dusty iPhone 5 to a deluxe iPhone 7 Plus with 128G of space. I ran the bare minimum of apps on my old crusty phone, and now I'm installing all the apps I've ever wanted. #blessed

Including Google Analytics— yes, you heard me—website analytics on my phone.

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[Quick Tip] Top 10 Google Hangout Rules for Remote Workers

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.14.2016


Working remotely is the best thing ever! But, it can make you lazy.

And when I say you I mean me.

Google Hangouts is one tool we use for meetings. I put together this list as a reminder to myself of virtual meeting etiquette when video is involved.

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Google's Optical Character Recognition Tool [Quick Tip]

By Sam McKinney | 12.14.2015

While looking for something to OCR documents (converting a scanned image into live text) with, I came across this nifty feature of Google docs:

You can OCR any image including multi-page scans if they're saved as PDF, and the accuracy is great.


To use the OCR feature you just need to do this:

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Happy Birthday, Google! A Roundup of Posts

By Stephanie Fisher | 09.24.2015

It's Google's birthday on September 27!


In honor of Google turning 17, here's a roundup of all of our posts that have to do with Google. I knew we had written a LOT about the search engine giant, but I didn't realize exactly how much until we put them all together. Many of these articles are still highly relevant, like How to Rock a Google Doc, while some show their age (why should you care about Google+ indeed). Enjoy and happy birthday, Google!

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Switching to Google Apps for Business: A Case Study

By Michael Reynolds | 06.04.2015

What does it look like to ditch your traditional, in-house server-based email and document management system for Google Apps for Business?

Migrating a company's email, calendaring, and document storage to the cloud with Google Apps is a big project. We use the product ourselves and believe it's worth considering for many small businesses.


What are some of the business issues to address?

Many businesses use Exchange server for email and team calendars. This may be the traditional solution, but it comes with a number of problems such as:

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Everything You Need to Rock a Google Doc

By Stephanie Fisher | 12.16.2014

I posted this on Facebook the other day and it prompted us to write this short tutorial.

Know how to Google Doc

The struggle is real. Let me explain.

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