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How to Successfully Migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM

By Stephanie Fisher | 06.12.2017

A good CRM is one of our best sales tools. It's important to choose the right one for you and your team. If you're planning to leave Salesforce and make the switch to HubSpot CRM you can skip right to Step 2 where we dive into details of how to do the migration!

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Set Up a Call Queue for Long Drives or Commutes [Quick Tip]

By Abby Stearns | 08.31.2015

Right now I am doing a lot of driving back and forth between Chicago because my husband is working there for the next year. I normally go up and back on the weekends, but for those middle of the week visits when my kids and I just really miss their dad, I need to stay productive and realize that I am losing valuable "work hours" by not doing something in the car. 


While I am not suggesting you crack out a pen and paper and try to talk, write and drive, I am suggesting that you create a call queue and record your calls for follow up later. 

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How to Choose the Right CRM for You

By Abby Stearns | 03.31.2015

A CRM is a Customer Relationship Management tool. At SpinWeb, we use the CRM in HubSpot. But before HubSpot even had a CRM, we used Membrain.


We made the switch to HubSpot's CRM for a few good reasons and here they are:

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How to Track Marketing ROI When Your Systems Aren't Integrated

By Michael Reynolds | 01.21.2015

Return on investment (ROI) is pretty critical to your marketing program. If you don't know how well your strategy is working, you can't make smart decisions about investing.

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Why Your Lack of CRM is Costing You Sales

By Michael Reynolds | 12.10.2014

Sales people are a unique breed... they are often fiercely independant, highly intelligent, and innovative. This means that the great ones sometimes earn a reputation for having a rebelious streak. This is not always a bad thing but it does mean that they will often resist the idea of being put into a box or a "sales process" or a software application. They would rather be focusing on building relationships than updating a CRM.

Because of the nature of sales people, sales managers and CEOs often give in and accept that their sales professionals are just going to do their own thing and as long as they produce results they are mostly left alone. This means that there are still many companies that aren't using a CRM or maybe they have one but no one uses it.


So what's the big deal? Why is it so important to use a CRM for sales?

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A First Look at the New HubSpot CRM [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 10.10.2014

A great sales CRM can really add power and scalability to your sales team. With so many choices out there it can be tough to decide which one is best for you.

We happen to be in love with HubSpot's new fully-integrated sales CRM (click for a review) so we sat down with the HubSpot CRM product manager, Andy Pitre, to learn more.

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HubSpot Has a CRM? Yes, Please...

By Michael Reynolds | 09.16.2014

"So is HubSpot like a CRM?"

"No, no... HubSpot is marketing automation. You need to connect it to a CRM to really get the value from it."

I've had this conversation many times with clients and have helped them choose the right CRM to connect to HubSpot. I wrote a blog post about the differences between a marketing database and a CRM. I even wag my finger at you in my latest book, "The Marketer's Guide to Mastering HubSpot" to explain that HubSpot is not a CRM.


Well, the game has changed because HubSpot now has a CRM... and it's pretty darned good.

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What CRM Should I Use? [Strategy Sitdown]

By Michael Reynolds | 09.10.2014

In this edition of Strategy Sitdown, we answer the question: "my company is in the process of choosing a CRM but we're having trouble deciding on one. What do you recommend?"

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How to Send the Right Leads to Your Sales Team

By Michael Reynolds | 11.05.2013

The handoff between marketing and sales is a critical component of your business development strategy. We often see great organizations that have resources devoted to both marketing campaigns and great sales people but unfortunately these two sides often operate in silos.

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