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Plagiarism: A Horror Story

By Stephanie Fisher | 10.27.2016


As we creep closer to Halloween,  we decided to address one of the scariest words a content writer can hear: plagiarism. AHHHHHHH!!! It strikes fear into the hearts of writers everywhere. Plagiarism has destroyed careers, discredited highly respected writers, and jeopardized the reputations of publications that have been in business for decades. 

But what, precisely, does plagiarism mean? And how can it affect you as a marketing professional? 

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How to Avoid Copyright Infringement on the Web

By Stephanie Fisher | 10.01.2015

How do you know if something on the internet is copyrighted? Can you use someone’s photograph or content as long as you name the source and link back to their website?


Businesses face questions of copyright every day. We use words, photographs and music on our websites, marketing brochures, TV ads or YouTube videos. You’re probably in the same boat whenever you write a new blog post or create a new campaign for your company.

Recently we collaborated with some folks at Bingham Greenebaum Doll LLP, our client, on a guide titled Common Sense Guide to Copyright Online to get answers to these questions. The following is a short excerpt from the guide.

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Who Really Owns My Website? [Digital Exec]

By Michael Reynolds | 12.12.2013

As a CEO, marketing director, or business owner you've probably had an agency build a website for your company at some point. Were you told that you "owned" that website?

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