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[Quick Tip] 5 Writing Apps for Marketers

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.25.2016

Improve your web copy, blog posts, email subject lines and more with these writing apps and tools.

1. Grammarly

Run your blog post, email, or other marketing copy through the Grammarly editor to catch more than just spelling errors. This app will offer word choice suggestions for making your prose more engaging, as well as grammatical corrections that most word processors don't catch. And, you can upgrade it for special features, like a plagiarism checker.

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Google Wants Your Money or Your Life (YMYL)

By Allison Gibbs | 01.20.2016

All webpages are important. Some webpages are just more important than others. According to Google, that is.

A page with information about how to treat a fever can have far bigger ramifications if it’s wrong than a page with a video of a cat singing Whitney Houston's I Will Always Love You.

Google knows this, and has created a separate category for these pages called Your Money or Your Life (YMYL).


What is YMYL?

Google has a very specific definition for YMYL pages:

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5 Ways to Improve Your About Us Web Page

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.14.2016

The "About Us" page is where people go to understand the company that’s behind the products and services. In this section, the visitor wants to see who you are, what your story is, your processes and history. Make sure that you’re presented in a relatable and understandable light.


What should you include on your about page? What do visitors want to read? How best should I present the information about our company? 

The following five tips will help clarify some of these questions:

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5 Tips to Get Quality and Quantity in Your Content Engine

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.12.2016

We’ve all had those moments when the amount of content you need to create doesn’t fit into the amount of time you have for content creation. You end up having to make a choice between throwing a bunch of things together or spending time on a single piece of good content.

It’s a rough choice, a bit like having to choose between coffee and chocolate.


And you’re not alone. 51% of marketers say that finding enough time is one of their biggest content struggles. The next most common problem? Producing enough volume or variety, a struggle for 50% of marketers. It is possible to have both at the same time—a content mocha, if you will.

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[Quick Tip] Your Homepage Content Checklist

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.11.2016

Your homepage is the first opportunity your company has to convert visitors, so your content should be written with this in mind. Bring up your website's homepage in another tab and follow along with this simple checklist to see if your homepage passes the test:


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Writing Tips I Actually Use From The Six Appeal Process

By Stephanie Fisher | 01.07.2016

In 2015, I had the good fortune to take an online writing class taught by Ash Ambirge. She's the creative force behind The Middle Finger Project, a blog that we here at SpinWeb follow religiously. In this post, I want to offer a review of the class and pass along a few writing tips you may find useful.

The particular class I took is called The Six Appeal Process™. Ash hosts a weekly online training session for six weeks, walking through her "step-by-step process for creating emotional appeal with anything you write."


My Review: 5 out of 5 stars

If I had a formal rating system for such things, this class would get 5 out of 5 stars.

If nothing else, you should take this class just to learn from a master how to do online training.

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Feeding the Content Journey [Video]

By Michael Reynolds | 12.16.2015

Companies are continuously struggling with content generation and some research provides that over 90% of content produced never actually helps in converting clients

Earlier this year at Inbound Marketing BarCamp, Douglas Karr gave a presentation titled Feeding the Content Journey. He discussed the science behind intent and motivating your audience to take the steps needed to convert. He provided all the information you need to research and produce a limitless quantity of high performing content that drives business results online.


Doug Karr is the author of Corporate Blogging for Dummies, Chief Blogger/Founder of the Marketing Technology Blog, CEO of DK New Media and an awesome public speaker.

This presentation is a must-watch for anyone who wants to get more out of their content.  Ready for more? Check out our guide How to Create Web Content That Converts.

Enjoy the video recording and the transcript below. Thanks Doug, for feeding our content engine with this video! 

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8 Tips for Writing Effective Website Copy

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.24.2015

What is the point of your website content?

If you said things like attracting new customers, convincing people to buy our product, converting visitors to leads, then you have been paying attention.

Writing great content for the web is more complicated than just knowing how to write (which isn't so simple in itself). Work hard to create winning content and your content will work hard for your business.

Writing Effective Copy

Here are a few tips for creating winning content for your website and inbound marketing.

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How to Use an Email Interview to Create Blog Content

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.12.2015

An email interview is one of the simplest ways to get expert knowledge onto your blog.

You can stretch your content calendar and add more blog posts to your weekly schedule with this one technique. The more often you blog, the more traffic you'll get to your website. That is a fact backed by research data and our own personal experience. We've seen SpinWeb's traffic and leads increase over the years as we've ramped up our blogging from once a week, to twice a week, to our current five days a week schedule. More content is a key factor in this growth (note, I didn't say only factor). It works.

Yet we recognize how hard it is to consistently produce quality content. So, do yourself a favor and make it a little easier with an email interview.

It may not be quite that easy, but almost.

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5 Ways to Wreck Your Sitemap (And Tips to Improve It)

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.03.2015

Reorganizing your content and structure can give website owners hives. Website redesigns are usually a prime time to do this and we almost always reorganize or rebuild a sitemap when we have a new project. There are times throughout the life of your website where you may want to change your sitemap, add to it or move things around. Be careful not to wreck your sitemap.


But perhaps we should back up. What is a sitemap? I'm simply talking about the navigation and structure of your website. Your top level navigation usually has standard categories, like About, Contact and Services. Then you have second-level or subnavigation items that fit under each top-level category, like Our Team and Events.

As your business or organization grows, you may add new services, resources or products. How do you fit all the new stuff into your website? Very. Carefully.

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