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5 Ways to Jump Start Your Multimedia Content for Digital Marketing

By Allison Gibbs | 09.12.2016


What kinds of content do consumers want? Marketers like us would sure like to know!

A couple of weeks ago we got a sneak peek at HubSpot's State of Inbound 2016 report and the data on consumer content demand and podcasting really got our attention.

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How to Organize and Write Content for Your New Website

By Stephanie Fisher | 06.21.2016


Here at SpinWeb, we often hear clients saying "I'm not sure where to start when it comes to writing website copy."

Perhaps it brings horrible flashbacks of high school research papers—but wait! When you're trying to write content for your website, you need to embrace those dusty research paper writing skills. (Just when you thought it was safe to forget everything you learned in high school English class, it's all coming back to you now.)

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What to Do When Your Homepage Priorities Go Off the Rails

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.15.2016


You step into the cereal aisle of a grocery store and feel like giving up being a "breakfast person." You peek inside your incredibly crowded closet and decide to stay home in your pajamas rather than pick an outfit. You walk into a library and leave without a book.

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Content Planning 101

By Stephanie Fisher | 12.29.2015

Planning your website and marketing content is all about process.


Like most things, the planning is easier when you have a template or process to help guide you. So, what should your content planning process look like?

The short answer is, it's different for different people. However, the long answer is what you're looking for and that's what I'm going to give you.

Content planning should include the following fundamentals, no matter how the details vary from company to company.

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How to Use an Email Interview to Create Blog Content

By Stephanie Fisher | 11.12.2015

An email interview is one of the simplest ways to get expert knowledge onto your blog.

You can stretch your content calendar and add more blog posts to your weekly schedule with this one technique. The more often you blog, the more traffic you'll get to your website. That is a fact backed by research data and our own personal experience. We've seen SpinWeb's traffic and leads increase over the years as we've ramped up our blogging from once a week, to twice a week, to our current five days a week schedule. More content is a key factor in this growth (note, I didn't say only factor). It works.

Yet we recognize how hard it is to consistently produce quality content. So, do yourself a favor and make it a little easier with an email interview.

It may not be quite that easy, but almost.

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Why Are You So Scared of Dropbox? [Quick Tip]

By Heather Lyon | 10.19.2015

There are many things to be afraid of in this world:

  • Deadly spiders hiding in your shoe
  • Alien invasions
  • A world without margaritas

But I am here to tell you that Dropbox is NOT one of those things to be scared of.


I only bring it up because I find that many people still feel some reluctance to use shared folders that we set up for them in Dropbox. At SpinWeb, we love it for many reasons and once you use it, you'll understand why it is so convenient and secure.

Because we've sung the praises of Dropbox many times in the past, I will put these links here to help give you another friendly nudge, just in case you're still nervous about using it.

How to share secure information with a Dropbox exploding link.

When to use Dropbox, when to use Google Docs.

In summary (because this is a QUICK tip), Dropbox is amazing for these reasons:

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7 Examples of How to Repurpose Old Content

By Stephanie Fisher | 10.15.2015

Work smarter, not harder. This bit of wisdom will keep you sane when you're tasked with creating or managing content for your company. 

As you build up a sturdy content library, you can start repurposing it in creative ways. Here are a few ideas to get you started.


1. Creatively repurpose your most popular blog posts.

Check out your top 10 most popular (viewed, shared, commented on) posts to get the wheels turning. For example, one of our most viewed blog posts of all time is 3 Examples of Social Media Crisis Management. This beats out our second most viewed post by 2x the number of views.

First, looking at the data tells me that many people are searching for this kind of content. What else can I create to feed that need? Here are just a few ideas:

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WordPress vs. Accrisoft Freedom [Slide Deck]

By Michael Reynolds | 04.15.2015

Just about every modern website is built on a content management system. This allows website managers to edit content, embed images and video, publish articles, and manage data without the need to learn web programming.

There are literally hundreds of content management systems (or CMS for short) available today. Some are designed for small businesses, some for mid-sized organizations, and some for large enterprises.

It's important to understand how to choose the right CMS for your organization based on your specific needs. Smaller businesses or websites with simple needs are often a good match for WordPress, which is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. There are even large websites built on WordPress because they have the development support to maintain it.

At SpinWeb, we have expertise working with specific industries like financial services, health care, non-profit, professional services, government, and manufacturing. Because of this (and other reasons), we don't use WordPress. In our opinion, it's not the right fit.

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How to Make a Shortcut for a Web Page [Quick Tip]

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.09.2015

A shortcut is a short, easy-to-remember URL that redirects to a web page on your site.


When do we need to use shortcuts?

1. You can create custom URLs for forwarding content on your site. Say you want to point your users to a page that has a very long URL, but you want your users to remember the URL.

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SpinRadio Episode #8 - The Truth About Content Management Systems, Making It Easier to Buy From You (Part 2)

By Michael Reynolds | 02.27.2015

Welcome to SpinRadio! We broadcast every Friday at 10am Eastern LIVE with inbound marketing and sales strategy to help you get better at driving business through your online presence. We take questions from listeners via and email. We also live tweet with the hashtag #SpinRadio.


In today's episode, we're covering:

  • How "no meeting days" skyrocketed our productivity
  • The truth about content management systems
  • Making it easier to buy from you (part 2)
  • As always, our Tactical Top 5 (actionable tweaks to improve your online presence)
  • Q&A from listeners
  • Weekly inspiration

Click play below for the live show (or a recording of it if you missed it). The next episode is LIVE at 10am Eastern today. Just refresh this page at 10am if you don't see the live stream yet (it will show last week's recording until then). Or if you missed this one, you can listen to the recording below. The latest episode always streams live at

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