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Do You Need a Sherpa to Find Your Website Files?

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.14.2016


Everyone understands that organization is important, but few know how to achieve success – especially when it comes to organizing your treacherous and unwieldy website file manager. 

If you're one of those people who routinely can't locate the website file you require, don't worry! We're here to guide you.

This is your judgement-free tutorial on how to get perfect website file organization.

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Third Party Apps and Integrations to Enhance Your Website

By Allison Gibbs | 12.22.2015

Sometimes, you just need one more feature.

While we would all enjoy a world where one CMS (content management system) could do everything you need straight out of the box, that hardly ever happens. You will likely need additional tools or apps to provide all of the information and content that your constituents, customers or clients need.


Third-party apps can complement the tools you have in your CMS. While it’s important to retain a well-branded and consistent experience for the user as much as possible, linking out to another app or website can be done well and most users expect this on occasion.

Here are some common apps that you might need to consider if your CMS doesn’t include this functionality, or has limited capabilities.

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How to Use 2-Step Verification on Your Accrisoft Freedom Website

By Michael Reynolds | 04.22.2015

If you're like most organizations that we work with, website security is a high priority. Having your website hacked can ruin your day and result in hours or days of recovery not to mention significant costs in the event of a data breach. Since we work with lots of organizations that manage sensitive data like financial institutions, government, manufacturing and healthcare this is a common concern that we address.

Our focus on security is one of the reasons we build our clients' websites on Accrisoft Freedom. While Freedom is PCI compliant and very secure by default, there is another layer of security that many of our clients love to utilize: 2-step verification.


You may be familiar with 2-step verification if you've set up your email or any of your social media accounts to send you a special code via text message that you need to use to complete the login process. Or if you're a gamer, you may be familiar with Blizzard's 2-step authentication system which is app-based.

2-step verification adds an excellent layer of security to your website because it ensures that even if someone gains access to your username and password, they still cannot log in unless they get access to your mobile phone (which ideally is already protected with a PIN). This makes it extremely unlikely that a potential intruder would be successful at gaining access to your website CMS.

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WordPress vs. Accrisoft Freedom [Slide Deck]

By Michael Reynolds | 04.15.2015

Just about every modern website is built on a content management system. This allows website managers to edit content, embed images and video, publish articles, and manage data without the need to learn web programming.

There are literally hundreds of content management systems (or CMS for short) available today. Some are designed for small businesses, some for mid-sized organizations, and some for large enterprises.

It's important to understand how to choose the right CMS for your organization based on your specific needs. Smaller businesses or websites with simple needs are often a good match for WordPress, which is one of the most popular CMS platforms in the world. There are even large websites built on WordPress because they have the development support to maintain it.

At SpinWeb, we have expertise working with specific industries like financial services, health care, non-profit, professional services, government, and manufacturing. Because of this (and other reasons), we don't use WordPress. In our opinion, it's not the right fit.

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How to Make a Shortcut for a Web Page [Quick Tip]

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.09.2015

A shortcut is a short, easy-to-remember URL that redirects to a web page on your site.


When do we need to use shortcuts?

1. You can create custom URLs for forwarding content on your site. Say you want to point your users to a page that has a very long URL, but you want your users to remember the URL.

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How to Paste Content Into Your Website From Word (And Keep It Looking Great) [Quick Tip]

By Michael Reynolds | 03.02.2015

Just about everyone uses Microsoft Word. Well, we don't at SpinWeb because we're Mac users but that's a discussion for another day.

Because Word is such a common tool for managing documents, many people paste content from Word into their website pages and expect it to look the same.


It doesn't.

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SpinRadio Episode #8 - The Truth About Content Management Systems, Making It Easier to Buy From You (Part 2)

By Michael Reynolds | 02.27.2015

Welcome to SpinRadio! We broadcast every Friday at 10am Eastern LIVE with inbound marketing and sales strategy to help you get better at driving business through your online presence. We take questions from listeners via and email. We also live tweet with the hashtag #SpinRadio.


In today's episode, we're covering:

  • How "no meeting days" skyrocketed our productivity
  • The truth about content management systems
  • Making it easier to buy from you (part 2)
  • As always, our Tactical Top 5 (actionable tweaks to improve your online presence)
  • Q&A from listeners
  • Weekly inspiration

Click play below for the live show (or a recording of it if you missed it). The next episode is LIVE at 10am Eastern today. Just refresh this page at 10am if you don't see the live stream yet (it will show last week's recording until then). Or if you missed this one, you can listen to the recording below. The latest episode always streams live at

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Freedom Version 9.6 is Here

By Stephanie Fisher | 08.28.2014


Accrisoft Freedom, the CMS of choice around SpinWeb, has a shiny new update with version 9.6.

The update has quite a few new features to help make your inbound marketing efforts more seamless. Here are some of the features that we're pretty excited about:

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Which Content Management System is Best for SEO? [Strategy Sitdown]

By Michael Reynolds | 08.27.2014

In this edition of Strategy Sitdown, we answer the question: "which content management system is best for SEO?"

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Website CMS vs. Marketing Automation Tool... What's the Difference? [Strategy Sitdown]

By Michael Reynolds | 07.30.2014

In this edition of Strategy Sitdown, we answer the question: "I've heard of content management systems and marketing automation systems but I'm not sure what the difference is. Do I need both?"

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