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7 Reasons to Switch Your Donor Database to Cloud Hosting

By Michael Reynolds | 02.18.2016


Your donor database is the heart and soul of your organization. With it, you reach out to members, keep track of sensitive data, and (hopefully) connect all the dots of your marketing, fundraising, recruiting, volunteer operations and more. 

Where do you host this critical asset? How do you maintain it, keep it safe, and ensure that data is never lost?

Does it live on an internal server you maintain or is it hosted in the cloud? Not sure? Keep reading.

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Pros and Cons of Cloud Hosting vs. Internal Hosting

By Sam McKinney | 12.17.2015

There's no longer any real question as to whether cloud computing and hosting has found a place in the enterprise. According to virtually any recent study, like Verizon's 2016 State of the Market: Enterprise Cloud report, cloud computing is moving into the mainstream of most enterprises, with over 80% expecting significant workload migration to the cloud by 2018.


Having said that, there may be needs that don't work well within cloud environments, and operational requirements that aren't well suited to a hosted model. Those environments, some will argue, are best left within the enterprise. And they may have a point.

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Why Are You So Scared of Dropbox? [Quick Tip]

By Heather Lyon | 10.19.2015

There are many things to be afraid of in this world:

  • Deadly spiders hiding in your shoe
  • Alien invasions
  • A world without margaritas

But I am here to tell you that Dropbox is NOT one of those things to be scared of.


I only bring it up because I find that many people still feel some reluctance to use shared folders that we set up for them in Dropbox. At SpinWeb, we love it for many reasons and once you use it, you'll understand why it is so convenient and secure.

Because we've sung the praises of Dropbox many times in the past, I will put these links here to help give you another friendly nudge, just in case you're still nervous about using it.

How to share secure information with a Dropbox exploding link.

When to use Dropbox, when to use Google Docs.

In summary (because this is a QUICK tip), Dropbox is amazing for these reasons:

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SpiderOak is Dropbox for the Paranoid [Quick Tip]

By Michael Reynolds | 07.28.2014

For organizations that value efficiency, redundancy, and business continuity, Dropbox is a standard. It allows seamless file sharing across multiple computers with lots of great features.


But while Dropbox is reasonably secure, what about organizations with a need for a higher level of security, such as health care and financial services?

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