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Impossible Doesn't Exist [Quick Inspiration]

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.11.2016


We take a short break from our regular Monday "Quick Tip" programming, to bring you some inspiration for your week.

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[Quick Tip] How to Conduct A Super Productive Meeting

By Allison Gibbs | 01.18.2016

I feel like there's usually anxiety surrounding meetings. I hear a lot of, "I'm in so many that aren't necessary," or, "This meeting is probably going to go over."


While we can't avoid every unnecessary meeting or snag in the road, here are a few things that you can do to make it more productive.

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The 1 Thing You Should Never Do With Your Email List

By Abby Stearns | 11.17.2015

True story: I was just signed up to a company's email list after I did something that I do every day.

I gave someone my business card.

Soon after, I began receiving their company emails even though I didn't sign up for them.


Did they forget the golden rule of email marketing? You know what it is... say it with me....

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5 Marketing Mistakes When Starting a Business

By Michael Reynolds | 09.29.2015

In the weeks leading up to Inbound Marketing BarCamp, we have been featuring guest posts from those who have submitted presentation ideas to the event. This week we have a post from Jeff Owen of J Owen Media., LLC. If you've registered for Inbound Marketing BarCamp you can vote for Jeff's presentation, Memo for Mom - A Case Study of Inbound Marketing for Non-Profits. Enjoy!

You set up shop, thanks to help from a bank. You hang a sign that announces you are open for business. You unlock the door on your first day and stand ready to sell and/or serve.


(Cue the cricket sounds.)


You wait, and wait, and wait...

You wonder why no one is buying your product or calling for your help.

(Did I mention that you are waiting?) What is missing? You forgot to tell your story. Or, maybe, you tried…and failed. No one knows you’re there.

Avoid the opening day cricket sounds. Here are five common mistakes new entrepreneurs make when marketing their business.

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How the Population Growth of Millennials Will Affect Your Business

By Abby Stearns | 07.01.2015

MILLENNIALS! Are you sick of the word? Do you feel like you've read everything there is to know about this generation of people? Do you get irritated simply at the concept of generalizing an entire generation of people?

If you raised your hand, that makes two of us.


The reason I'm even writing about this subject is because of two reasons: 1. I am a Millennial (yet I feel and act like a grandma sometime) and 2. In my meetings, I have heard the phrase "Millennials aren't our target market" more times than I can count.

And it just blows me away. I think there's a lingering sense among certain circles that Millennials are these self-absorbed teens who just sit at home and surf the internet.

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What Does UX/UI Mean?

By Stephanie Fisher | 08.19.2014

UX and UI often get used interchangably, but they are two different things. Both have to do with your end user, or customer.


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3 Outstanding Business Books You Need to Read This Year

By Michael Reynolds | 01.30.2014

We're always looking for a good read (especially on a chilly winter day). We're even more apt to pick one up (or download on our iPad, Kindle, etc) if it's going to give us new insight into the wonderful world of business. After all, we're constantly striving to improve.

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