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How to Run a Tweet Chat

By Michael Reynolds | 08.16.2012

Twitter-1Twitter is a fast-paced, action-oriented network that is loved by many and hated by others. Many people still find it baffling but those who embrace it often find great business value in this quirky social network.

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Messy Integration or Seamless Branding?

By Michael Reynolds | 02.13.2012

blue"Can you integrate our member database with our website?"

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Creative Ideas for Online Sponsorship packages

By Michael Reynolds | 12.12.2011

sponsorship-packagesSponsors are a significant portion of revenue for many organizations. Many of our non-profit and associations clients depend on attracting sponsors to help them fund programs throughout the year.

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5 Ways Associations Can Use Facebook for Content Marketing

By Michael Reynolds | 11.14.2011

facebook-associationsWe work with a lot of associations at SpinWeb. We enjoy helping them use digital tools to communicate with members and recruit in order to grow the organization. Some associations are seeing the value of content marketing to provide education and earn gradually increasing levels of commitment until the conversion goal of signing a new member is reached.

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What Am I Paying For?

By Michael Reynolds | 06.20.2011

keyboard_Have you ever been asked this question? Whether you run a small business, work in management at a corporation, or work in leadership at a non-profit or association, you have probably had a customer or a member ask: "what am I paying for?"

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Can Associations Use Twitter as a Member Resource?

By Michael Reynolds | 05.09.2011

What is one of the biggest challenges facing associations today? If you said "communicating value to members" then you win a cookie. Associations are consistently working to provide clear benefits to members and give them value in return for their investments.

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Associations: Is it Time to eEliminate the Newsletter?

By Michael Reynolds | 03.29.2010

newsAs we all know, paper is getting less relevant. Many associations are scrambling to “go green” with their newsletters in an effort to reduce costs and make use of electronic means of delivery. Kudos for this!

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Use Twitter to Keep Your Association Members in the Loop

By Michael Reynolds | 05.04.2009

As a board member of the Indiana Chapter of The American Massage Thereapy Association, I had the pleasure of attending the National Board of Directors meeting in Chicago this past weekend. Chapter presidents from all over the country were gathered to attend the board meeting and report key details back to their chapters. This year, I tried something a little different - I posted updated from the meeting in real time using Twitter.

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