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Best Productivity Apps for the New Year (Picked by the SpinWeb Team!)

Posted by Serena Acker on 1/9/14 10:00 AM

If you’re like us at SpinWeb, you’ve got lofty goals for 2014, and you’re already running around like a chicken with your head cut off to ensure that you meet them. (You can do it! We believe in you!)

We’re all about being productive around here, so as our New Years gift to you, we’re sharing some of our favorite productivity apps. We all couldn’t agree on just 5 (arm wrestling nearly commenced), so we each decided to contribute our top picks. Oh, and in the event that you haven’t met us yet, you can put faces with our names and find out more about us on our Staff page.


Michael, our big boss man, tries to keep us all in line. (The key word here is tries.) Michael is a productivity ninja. Seriously, he fights friction like a superhero. First off, SpinWeb is 100% paperless thanks to Shoeboxed. (If you know anything about Michael, you know that he hates paper.) Michael also digs RightSignature, which lets him get agreements signed electronically with no printing or scanning required and Genius Scan, which lets him scan documents with his iPhone then export to PDF for those annoying occasions that he actually has to deal with paper. Zapier and Instapaper are also among his top picks. The man could seriously go on and on, but we had to leave some apps for the rest of us to tout.

Allison is focused on strategy. As such, she has much to keep track of. Thus, she relies on Basecamp to communicate strategy to the team and keep us all on track for execution. She also recommends Hubspot, which allows her to glance through analytics on the go. As a bonus, Allison recommends TripIt for organizing her travel details, even though that's more for personal than for business. (Allison's just awesome like that.)

Heather is our newest Spinwebber and manages all of our projects. She has fallen in love with TextExpander, which she said has “changed my world!” It saves her from typing the same thing over and over again, which saves her time. All she has to do is come up with a snippet for something that she doesn’t want to type repeatedly. TextExpander saves her fingers many clicks a day.

If you didn’t gather from my chicken reference above, I (Serena) am the resident Midwest farmer’s daughter and write content for our clients (like this blog). I’m a huge fan of Evernote. It pretty much keeps my work (and personal) life in order by keeping track of business processes, documents, and files.. I’m able to make and archive notes and access them via web, iPhone, and iPad. (This totally beats my old system of having yellow sticky notes all over my laptop.)

I share Content Developer duties with Stephanie, who is our works the farthest away in Muncie (which is practically Canada). She takes quick screen shots with Droplr then sends the link via email or Basecamp. She’s also a big fan of Awesome Screenshot, which has a few more bells and whistles. As a bonus (Yay for you!), she threw in Placeit, which allows you to generate a picture of your website on a smartphone, tablet, or monitor.

Jason is all about making our websites pretty. He likes Invision because he’s able to post comps of his designs and make them interactive. This allows clients to add comments/revisions exactly where they’re talking about.

Sam works diligently behind the scenes building websites. He utilizes Firebug to inspect and edit HTML and CSS of sites while viewing it. This saves him lots of time troubleshooting and making fine adjustments. He wanted a plug for Colorzilla, which is a plug in (pun intended) for FireFox. It allows him to grab any color code on his screen for CSS adjustments. According to Sam, “It also has a built in Gradient generator, which is awesome!”

Chris works hard to keep our clients happy and develop our websites, which is why he utilizes Sublime Text 2 as his editor of choice for writing code. He uses Alfred as an app launcher and shortcut tool to open directories and files quicker. And he loves how Dash gives him quick access to programming documentation and snippets.

In total, that's 19 apps for you to check out in 2014:

Hurry... productivity awaits! What are some of your favorite productivity apps we might have missed? 

Here’s to a wonderful and productive 2014!

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