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SpinRadio Episode #57 - How to Write Exciting Content for Conservative Industries (Guest: Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project)

Michael Reynolds

Posted by Michael Reynolds on 3/11/16 9:30 AM

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In today's episode, we're talking to Ash Ambirge from The Middle Finger Project. Our topic? "How to Write Exciting Content for Conservative Industries."

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How to Write Exciting Content for Conservative Industries - with Ash Ambirge

  • How do you strike balance between human and professional voice?
  • When writing blogs for healthcare providers, how do you avoid the content reading like a generic list of drugs?
    • Find the fresh angle that feels like people haven’t heard before. Think about things from the POV of an alien.
    • Find your target market’s thoughts.
  • How do you deal with pushback from clients about content that’s more risque?
    • External clients - reconsider whether or not this is the client you want to be working with.
    • Internal clients - This is no different than any other sales opportunity.

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