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[Quick Tip] Top 10 Google Hangout Rules for Remote Workers

Stephanie Fisher

Posted by Stephanie Fisher on 3/14/16 9:30 AM


Working remotely is the best thing ever! But, it can make you lazy.

And when I say you I mean me.

Google Hangouts is one tool we use for meetings. I put together this list as a reminder to myself of virtual meeting etiquette when video is involved.

1. If you're using video, do not sit in front of a window (you are now a scary silhouetted shadow person).

2. Use headphones with a microphone, earbuds, or a bluetooth earpiece thing.

3. Sit your laptop on a desk, not your actual lap.

4. Lock up your pets! Cats on keyboards are only cute to cat people. Just sayin.

5. Be in a quiet space. Coffee shops are loud. Kids are loud. Barking dogs are loud.

6. Mute/unmute. Is it just my settings, or is Google Hangouts now auto-muting us when we login? I could look it up, but it doesn't matter because next week it will change. Point is, be mindful of your mute button status.

7. It's OK to go "no video" but not if video is the norm for your particular meeting.

8. Client vs. Internal meetings may have different norms, but be respectful of your coworkers. They're people too!

9. Optics are important. Don't sit in the shadows. Get some nice, natural light on that pretty face!

10. Dress to impress. I'm that last person to give advice here because I break this rule all the time. But I want to do better! If you're doing video, take a little time to wipe the milk moustache from your mouth. 


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