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[Quick Tip] Your Website Abandonment Issues Checklist

Stephanie Fisher

Posted by Stephanie Fisher on 3/28/16 9:30 AM


Robert Frost might have taken the road less traveled in that yellow wood, but if he were on the internet which path would he choose?

Today's quick tip comes from an interview Michael Reynolds gave to Media Shower earlier this year, and provides a handy checklist for website abandonment issues. 

What do you think causes consumers to leave a website? What makes them stick around?

Things that cause them to leave:

1. If the website is not responsive (if they are on mobile)
2. If the website is slow
3. If the content is organized in a confusing way
4. Pop-ups and “squeeze” CTAs that interrupt the reader
5. Sites that are so full of ads and external code that they slow down navigation

Things that cause them to stay:

1. Clean, simple design
2. Well-organized content
3. Responsive design
4. Fast load times
5. Compelling content that brings them deeper into the site

And that has made all the difference.

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