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LinkedIn Q&A: Pulse, Sponsored Content, and More

Michael Reynolds

Posted by Michael Reynolds on 5/26/15 9:30 AM

As many of you know, I'm a big fan of the much made fun of, so-called "boring" network that is LinkedIn.

I often see glazed over faces and Tina Fey worthy eye rolling when I start talking about LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Q&A
As an advocate, I've done my fair share of educating folks about harnessing the power of LinkedIn. I've written guides and blog posts, hosted webinars, and shared updates.

Recently, readers and radio show listeners have asked questions about LinkedIn and I'm using this opportunity to answer some of them.

What is your connection philosophy?

Meaning, do you only connect with people you've met in real life or know through a shared connection, or do you just accept any and all connections? 

So, yes there are many ways to connect with people on LinkedIn. My advice is to make up your own rules. There is no "one size fits all" rule for making connections on LinkedIn.

What is your overall goal?

If your goal in general is to build a tight network and deepen relationships using LinkedIn, go ahead and do that.

If your goal is to meet new people and build a very large network, that's fine too. 

I use it to connect with people that I may want to work with or form a relationship with at some point. I will accept just about any connection I receive. I reach out to people I've never met in real life, but who seem like a good person to know. That's my connection philosophy. 

It's really up to you to define how you want to use the network.

Abby notes that professionals in certain fields may be reluctant to work that way. Perhaps they don't want to seem like they will connect with just anyone, or they don't want others to view certain connections as dubious or unprofessional. This is perfectly understandable for some folks.

But, overall, Abby and I will connect with just about anyone on LinkedIn.

What is a page vs. a profile?

I get this question a lot. So here is the simple way to distinguish the two:

Profile: connect person to person.

Page: a company profile, cannot connect to individuals.

People can subscribe to your company page and "follow" you in that way. Your page can also have employees connected to it.

Think of it like subscribing to a blog. People can subscribe to your page's updates and then they see those posts pop up in their feed. There are lots of other great things about having a company page, so read more about it here.

How does Pulse work?

LinkedIn's Pulse is an app that lets you consume news tailored to your professional interests, and of course it syncs with your LinkedIn profile.

You can like, share and comment on Pulse using your LinkedIn profile, as well as sharing your own thought leadership content from your blog. You can also use LInkedIn's publishing platform to start creating your own content. 

Let's say your company isn't blogging yet or you want to start blogging, but you don't want to maintain a separate website or blog. Publishing on LinkedIn is ideal for those who want to get thought leadership out there. Individuals can start building a solid collection of blog posts, get comments and engagement from others on LinkedIN, and more.

Check out Pulse for yourself and give it a try.

Should I try LinkedIn's sponsored content?

Yes! I recommend exploring sponsored content on LinkedIn. You can share content offers, news articles or webinar registrations, and then make it sponsored content. This works like many other social media advertising platforms like Facebook and Twitter, with some differences. 

Rachael our social media marketer has a helpful tip, as well. She says, "Choose 'Sponsored Content' rather than the other tiny ads that appear on the sidebar. This ensures your post appears in the main feed and will get more attention than sidebar ads."

That wraps up this Q&A about all things LinkedIn. Do you have more questions? Check out this webinar or leave a comment below! 

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