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Landing Pages 101

Michael Reynolds

Posted by Michael Reynolds on 7/12/13 2:12 PM

carrotAre you looking to improve your marketing ROI? I’m guessing the answer is yes. (Who isn’t?) Did you know that the answer is right at your fingertips?

Now you’re probably thinking, “Michael, enough tempting! Tell us how!” Well, okay. But just because you asked.

The answer is simple - and most likely not what you might expect: Landing pages. If your business is not taking advantage of them, then you’re missing out since they are one of the most important elements of lead generation. 

So what is a landing page?

For those who may not be familiar, let’s go back to the basics. A landing page is a website that allows you to capture a visitor’s information through a lead form. In other words, it’s a place for you to have a tempting offer - something that your customer would really love. Maybe it’s an ebook or a case study - or perhaps you’re offering clients to sign up for a email campaign. Whatever it is, you dangle the carrot in an attempt to get people to give you their contact information via a form.

You will convert a higher percentage of your website visitors which you can follow up with. See how this works now?

What’s the big deal?

Here’s where you might be thinking, “What the big deal? I can just send my ebook out to my email list or post it on my homepage.” When you know that people are coming to your website for a specific purpose, you can increase the likelihood of converting that traffic into leads by using a targeted landing page.

Let’s say that you run a social media campaign offering a free digital evaluation. (We are if you’re interested!) If you send responders simply to your homepage, you’ve given them no direction for how to actually sign up for the free service. (Yes, it really is free if you’re interested!) Having a landing page in place makes it that much easier for them to complete the action (whatever that is that you’re having them do). The effectiveness of your online marketing will improve dramatically. Guaranteed.

What makes a landing page most effective?

There are several things you can do to make your landing page successful. First and foremost, make sure you have a valuable offer. If you do, your visitors will give up their contact information in no time. 

It’s equally important to make your offer sound compelling. Give a detailed description of everything they’re going to receive - but you also want to leave enough to their imagination so that they actually follow through by filling out the form.

Speaking of which, you want people to be motivated to fill it out. That being said, don’t ask 20 cumbersome questions, or people won’t do it. The shorter, the better. (We try to limit our forms to less than 3 fields. It’s tougher than it sounds!) This will greatly improve your conversion rate.

You’ll also want to enable sharing. You never know who will want to share this amazing deal with all of their friends. (Free marketing!) 

If you’re working hard at marketing and directing people to your website, don’t miss out on ROI by not taking advantage of landing pages. You’ll be glad you did!

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