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Impossible Doesn't Exist [Quick Inspiration]

Stephanie Fisher

Posted by Stephanie Fisher on 4/11/16 9:35 AM


We take a short break from our regular Monday "Quick Tip" programming, to bring you some inspiration for your week.

Impossible doesn't exist.

Failure is necessary for success.

These sayings might be cliche, but once in awhile an extraordinary event breathes new life into these well-worn phrases.

As a science and space exploration enthusiast, I've been following the progress of  SpaceX, the record-setting private space company headed by bajillionaire genius Elon Musk.

Have you heard the latest news? So cool.

Late last week, SpaceX landed a rocket that returned from the International Space Station, and they landed it on a barge in the ocean. That may not seem like a big deal if you don't know anything about space stuff, but it has never been done before. 

The inspiration part of this post is watching and listening to the video of the landing. But for full context, you have to see the many videos of prior attempts to land the rocket. The explosions and the defeats and the failures that happened over and over. Until one day, the rocket landed and everyone at SpaceX went absolutely berserk because they'd put their sweat and money and time and love into achieving something that everyone thought was impossible. 

Reusable rockets are what will make space travel affordable in the future. Kind of a big deal.

So, that's my quick inspiration for the week! Embrace failure, don't take no for an answer, impossible doesn't exist. (see, words don't do it justice sometimes). Enjoy hearing the overwhelming joy when you watch the 1 minute video of the historic landing.

If you have an inspiring video about failure, success, or achieving the impossible, let us know!

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