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[Quick Tip] How to Get Higher Quality Blog Contributions

Stephanie Fisher

Posted by Stephanie Fisher on 2/22/16 9:30 AM


Consistent quality is important. Imagine going to a gourmet bakery and seeing 25 beautifully decorated cupcakes. And in the middle of the rows of perfection, you notice one ugly, sad little cupcake. The frosting is uneven. No sprinkles. It doesn't fit in. 

Same goes with a consistently high quality blog. Every post should maintain a standard.

Do you have freelancers, employees, partners, or leaders in your company who contribute to your daily or weekly blog? If so, it's important to establish blog guidelines and standards.

Here are a few quick tips for putting together a document that helps get everyone on the same page.

1. If you haven't already, put down on paper what your blog objectives and standards are.

2. Create a branded Blog Guidelines document (PDF) that you can email to anyone who wants to write or contribute to your blog.

3.When writers submit a post, be sure to give them helpful feedback so that the next time they write a post, the quality is even higher.

This will not only boost the quality of your content, it will ultimately save your blog manager a ton of time during the editing process.

Stay tuned for a detailed post this week on what you should include in your Blog Guidelines!

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