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How to Get Your Customer Service Issues Resolved Faster

Posted by Nathan Stearns on 7/14/15 9:30 AM

Every day, I solve problems for our clients. I'm on the support team at SpinWeb and I answer your support tickets.


Today, I'm lifting the curtain back to reveal some of our support process and to give you some tips on how to log the perfect support ticket.

When something breaks on our clients' websites, they can log a support ticket through our website form, an email or a phone call.

If you're not a client of ours, you probably have a similar situation for your website or IT issues. Most likely, you've sent help requests or emails, from Amazon's customer service to your cable company.

Customer service teams will often use software to help them manage their numerous support tickets and customer communications.

The Customer Service Software We Use

We use ZenDesk to manage our support requests and we really like the service. 

ZenDesk makes it...

  • Easy to assign tickets
  • Easy to prioritize requests
  • Easy to communicate with clients

Features we love:

  • At a glance features & stats -- last touch date/time, status, requester, how many tickets have been resolved for the week, satisfaction rates
  • Surveys

Response Times

Our support commitment is to respond to all requests within 24 hours. ZenDesk recently added a feature to track response time averages and mine is currently at 17 hours. My goal is to work on decreasing that time. We want to respond as quickly as possible to your requests.

Tickets marked as Urgent get a response time within minutes. These tickets trigger a text that goes directly to Sam or Chris and we get to work resolving it right away.

Each morning I log into tickets and work my list of tickets. I scan subject lines and prioritize them. Typically my work breaks down like this:

  • 50% of tickets are quick resolutions, 1 response and it is fixed.
  • 25% of tickets take about 2-5 responses.
  • 25% of tickets take longer than 5 responses, working with Accrisoft or HubSpot to fix more technical issues.

Use These Tips When You Log Any Kind of Support Ticket for a Faster Resolution

Whether you're logging a support ticket with SpinWeb or you're sending Amazon a request for help, use these tips to get a quicker fix to your problem.

Details: The more detailed information you can give in the support request, the more quickly it can be resolved.

Screenshots: Include screenshots of your issue. Example: If you have a broken link on a web page, include the page link in the description and a screenshot of the exact link that is broken. Learn how to capture a screenshot here.

Subject lines: A descriptive subject line is helpful for us to prioritize and see your issue at a glance. Do this: "Error uploading ThisFile.csv to my database." Not this: "Need help."

Do you have any good customer service stories? Share them in the comments below!

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