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How to Get Content Ideas for Your Podcast

Allison Gibbs

Posted by Allison Gibbs on 6/10/15 9:30 AM

I really should title this post "How to get content ideas for your X". 

X could be a number of things:

  • Your blog
  • A radio show or podcast
  • A long form content offer, like a guide or ebook
  • A video


And the answer is: Creatively repurpose your content.

Blog to Podcast

If you are a great writer, then start by writing a daily blog post. It can be short, as long as its packed full of information. Be helpful and solve your customers' problems.

Then, let's say you have a solid base of blog posts and you're ready to start a live radio show or a weekly podcast.

Organize a few blog posts by topic and talk about those posts. Use them as a jumping off point for your show that day. Put together lists and talk about other articles you've read that week.

Here's the way we organize SpinRadio's content and show notes each week. We have consistent topics and themes, like "The Deep Dive" and our" Tactical Top 5."

Podcast to Blog

If you are more comfortable talking and discussing your way through topics, do it backwards.

Start with your show, and then use the show to build out individual posts for your blog. You can even use a service to help with the tedious work of transcribing audio to words.

Blog to Download

It's easy to see where I'm going with this idea. If you want to put together a book or long form piece of downloadable content for your audience, write a series of short blog posts on a theme. Then, compile those posts into a short book that your visitor can download from your website.

Content offers like these are a great way to provide help to your customers and potential customers, and to get leads from your website.

X to Video

All of these content generation ideas can be translated to video as well, with a little more work on the production and technology side. You can use a great service like Candidio to make high-quality video on a budget.

Start with your strengths and build your content library out. Repurpose content in a variety of visual or audio formats to spread your message further and strengthen your inbound marketing plan.


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