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How Often Should I Redesign My Company Website? [Strategy Sitdown]

Michael Reynolds

Posted by Michael Reynolds on 10/22/14 10:30 AM

In this edition of Strategy Sitdown, we answer the question: "How often should I redesign my company website?"

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Thanks for joining us for today's strategy sit down. Today's question comes from Jim in New York and Jim asks, "how often should my company redesign its website?"

I love this question so much, Jim. I cannot even tell you how much I love this question; here's why. We see websites all the time that are literally five, six, seven, even ten years old sometimes. It drives me absolutely insane because that is way too long to wait to redesign your company's website.

So, when should you do it? OK, if you want a general rule of thumb, if you just want a quick answer I'm going to say every two to three years. Really every two years is probably max in a perfect world. We try to redesign our website at least every one to two years here at SpinWeb. Obviously we are a digital agency so you probably would expect that.

Here's the thing, tends change all the time. Technology changes all the time. For example, right now it's about responsive, mobile experience. Most websites we see are still not responsive, which is very sad, it's very unfortunate because you've got so many people viewing the web on a mobile device, on a tablet, on different screen sizes. It's really, really kind of a big deal if you're website is not responsive.

So, why do people wait? They just don't get around to it. They don't see it as important, budget, a lot of issues, it could be anything. Here's the deal, you want to budget for a website redesign just like you budget for anything else. Just like you budget for technology, just like you budget for sales, just like you budget for other expenses, office rent. You want to budge for a website redesign just like anything else.

A lot of times an organization looks at a website as a big one-time expense, and once they've done it, OK, we're good for a while. Really, marketing is changing all the time. Marketing is a process not a project. Marketing should be a continuous process. Your website should be your key focal point for that process. It's your home base on the internet. So, you want to make sure that not only is it redesigned on a continuous basis but it is kept current, content is posted on a regular basis, you are using it as a hub for your marketing strategy and really when it comes to redesign, it's not just redesigning for the sake of doing something new, it might be something related to your marketing strategy.


Maybe in a couple of years you say, you know what we're going to optimize our strategy in a slightly different direction based on data we've learned from over the last couple of years. You're probably going to want to make some changes at that point. Again, technology could change. Again, like responsive design, like different screen sizes, like new mobile devices being released all the time. That's an example of technology changing. SEO practices can change. Google's changing their algorithm everyday, literally, with major updates coming at least a few times a year.

So there are some things that you may need to do to your website to keep up with that. Again, if you want a quick answer, every two years would be my default quickest answer I can give you, just because that's kind of what we see in the way of technology trends, marketing trends, keeping up, making sure you're current. Really when it comes down to it, ask yourself: is my marketing strategy up to date? Is my brand changing at all? Am I making changes to my messaging? Am I making changes to how our sales process works? Typically the answer is going to be yes; typically you're always going to want to be improving how you do marketing, sales, business processes, and as those improvements happen your website needs to act as a tool to support those changes.

So, look at it from that standpoint as well and you want to be sure you keep that in your budget as a continuous expense because really an investment. It's not just an expense it's actually an investment in your lead generation, your marketing and sales strategy.

Jim, thanks so much for bringing that up. We get asked that question all the time. Again do not wait. If it's been a couple of years start looking at a redesign now to make sure you're staying current. Again, Jim, thanks for the question. Really appreciate it. Hope that helps. Appreciate you joining us today. See you next time.


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