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Financial Institutions That Have Killer Blogs

Stephanie Fisher

Posted by Stephanie Fisher on 8/4/16 9:27 AM


When you think of your financial institution's website, you probably think about checking your account balance, finding a branch near you, or maybe looking into a loan. You're looking for information about your finances. You most likely don't think about their blog. Do banks even HAVE blogs?

Unfortunately, many financial institutions suffer from a lack of creativity when it comes to blogging. We get it; everyone runs into a blogging wall on occasion, but the typical financial blog post can induce a heavy stupor in even the most caffeinated reader.

That said, not every bank or credit union blog will put you to sleep faster than warm milk; the ones we've unearthed aren't just blogging, they're KILLING IT. 

If you're searching for money management wisdom, or if you're in the financial services sector looking for blogging inspiration, this list is for you!

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1. Mint


Mint's been providing free online personal financial advice for it's millions of users for years; it can help you stick with a budget, track your expenses, and pay your bills, all in one location. Recently, they even added an option for tracking your credit score, free of charge. What more can one site offer? A fantastic blog.

With twelve categories of useful financial information, ranging from Consumer IQ to Trends, you can surely find the answers you seek in their archives. The blog is well written, concise, and a great resource for anyone with questions about their finances. 

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2. Elements Financial 


Elements Financial is a credit union located here in Indiana (and they're one of our clients); it's partnered with Eli Lilly and Company, and it's been serving people across the country since 1930. Sounds pretty impressive, right?

However, Elements is anything but stuffy.  Their "Life Lessons" blog is charmingly folksy (or as folksy as a financial blog can possibly get) in tone, with its invite to the Indiana State Fair and an in-depth look into the Pokemon Go phenomenon.

However, it's not afraid to get deep; it offers thoughtful posts about asset allocation as well as navigating Medicare and Medigap insurance. It addresses a wide audience, from college students to parents teaching their children to handle their money, to folks in retirement. 

3. Betterment


Betterment is not just an "independent robo-advisor," but it's the largest of its kind. The team at Betterment serves over 175,000 customers around the globe, helping them to invest their money in a manner that suits their personal financial situation. 

Their blog isn't so much a blog as it is an incredibly useful collection of well-researched articles, collected under the umbrella of a "resource center." It offers topics such as Investing 101, Advanced Investing, Personal Finance, Retirement, and more.

You can find tools and calculators to assist you in making important financial decisions, and you can answer most any question you might have before you pull the trigger with a deep dive into their archive. While the articles might lack the personal tone that typically characterizes a blog post, it does offer up-to-the-minute information about serious financial issues. 

4. Payoneer


Payoneer is a unique payment platform that gives companies the ability to send payments to a number of users simultaneously, to the method of the receiver's choice. 

Their blog is just as innovative; instead of the usual big headline followed by a short snippet of content, it's splashed with big, colorful photos and bold headlines. The topics span the globe, ranging from ecommerce in China to affiliate marketing. 

But it's not all business—there's room for fun here, too. There's a survey about users' favorite Olympic events as well as a fun piece about World Population Day. And the articles aren't just directed at businesses, either; there are a number of articles for freelancers, from helpful tips for brand building to rate transparency.  It's a wonderful resource, for the payers and payees alike. 

5. DecisionMakers


A financial services group located in New Zealand, DecisionMakers prides itself on tailoring their clients' investments to their goals and objectives.

Their blog is as straightforward as their business model. It's a close look at the globall marketplace, and how decisions made around the world can affect the people they serve. 

Sure, it doesn't have the bells and whistles that some of the other blogs in this list might have, but it's got a simple and forthright attitude to investment, and it's very easy for even novices to understand. 

Have questions about starting a financial services-related blog of your own? Let's talk about it!

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