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Our Favorite Apps of 2014

Posted by Rachael Vail-Steele on 12/19/14 10:30 AM


In January, we picked our favorite productivity apps. Now, as we get ready to turn down for 2014 let's look back at the apps we loved and could not live without this year. 



“Um. Snapchat. DUR.” - Allison


“It allows me to select a musical soundtrack to blast in the office.” - Allison


“I had a goal to read at least 2 books a month in 2014 and I was able to reach my goal thanks to the Audible app.” - Stephanie


"Pocket helps me separate out my reading material for later so I can stay focused on work without getting distracted." - Michael


"Instapaper is a magical app that has been life changing for me as a marketer trying to keep up with research, I can save blog posts to read later." - Allison


"Target's new app for coupons and promotions. I cannot save and/or use a coupon if my life depended on it. But this app works like a coupon. The cashier just swipes my phone and presto, money saved. Maybe one day I'll be lucky enough to have Alex from Target swipe my Cartwheel app.” - Stephanie

"I LOVE the Cartwheel app, no more searching for coupons. Using the camera on my phone through the app I can check for coupons and deals while I shop!" - Rachael


“2014 was the year that my husband and I decided to create a shared shopping list in Wunderlist and actually use it. I mean, most of the time. I'm also terrible at making shopping lists and remembering to check them at the store. I'm getting better though! Now if I just had an app to carry my reusable shopping bags into the store for me.” - Stephanie 


"I could not live without Evernote!" - Michael

"I would lose it without Evernote!" - Heather


"I probably would have consumed fewer lattes if I didn’t have the Starbucks app, but I would have fallen asleep while driving. It’s so simple to reload and pay for my drinks with my card’s barcode on my phone." - Rachael


"The New York Times Crossword App was perfect for when I needed a puzzle break. I loved that I could start a puzzle on my phone and finish on my computer or vice versa. (My New Year’s Resolution for 2015 will be to finally finish a puzzle instead of doing a few clues here and there)" - Rachael 


"HubSpot CRM keeps our sales pipeline organized and tracks all communication seamlessly." - Michael


"I cannot live without LastPass saving and auto-filling all of my passwords." - Michael


"Mint is the de-facto personal finance app. It’s beautiful, functional, and keeps my budget organized." - Michael


"Lift  helps me stick to habits I want to develop like working out, drinking more water, and taking vitamins." - Michael


"TextExpander saves me hours of typing!" - Michael

"I would lose it without the help of TextExpander and TextWrangler!" - Heather


"When all you need it text, TextWrangler is the best out there. It’s also great for manipulating and editing blocks of text like website code." - Michael

 Are we missing any other awesome apps? Tell us in the comments! 

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