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The Key to Increasing Traffic is Not Just SEO

By Nikki Jasper | 12.13.2016

london-cafe.jpgThinglass /
You've probably heard that Search Engine Optimization, or SEO, is the secret to increasing traffic to your website. While SEO is a necessary practice, it's certainly not the only game in town.  

Imagine your favorite corner cafe (or if you're like project manager Heather Lyon, the nearest Starbucks). What draws you back to that place? Is it a cozy atmosphere, amazing food or coffee, a rewards program, a good deal, the people ... or all of the above? Your website, blog, email and social media strategies can create an experience that brings first-time visitors coming back for more. But how do you create that kind of environment for your audience? You have to do more than just knowing the right keywords.

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Must Have Digital Marketing Apps for 2017

By Nikki Jasper | 12.08.2016


We're huge fans of automating our processes. Automation allows us the time to do more cool stuff, like create videos, podcasts, or live chats, and it makes it easier to do our day-to-day business as well. So, with this in mind, Michael, Abby, and Allison shared some of their favorite tools that help boost performance  in marketing and sales on a recent episode of SpinRadio. Here's a breakdown of the tools that could be game changers for you in 2017.

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LinkedIn Company Page Best Practices for Image Size, Dimension, and Format

By Nikki Jasper | 12.06.2016

linked-in-tablet.jpgRoman Pyshchyk /

You know that LinkedIn is a great way to generate and foster professional connections with others in your industry, but have you put much thought into your company's LinkedIn page?

Obviously, you want to put your best foot forward when you're representing your organization, and ensuring that your images are sized properly will lend an air of polish to your Company Page. If you're not sure which image sizes are considered standard, that's okay— we're here to help.

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7 Tips for Formulating Fresh Content Ideas

By Nikki Jasper | 11.03.2016


You sit at your keyboard and stare at the screen; your mind is a blank. You know you need to write engaging content that will draw people to your website, but what can you write about? Your idea well has run completely dry. 

Fresh content is the cornerstone of digital marketing; our friends at Hubspot discovered that companies publishing 16 or more blog posts per month get 3.5 times more traffic than companies publishing fewer than four posts per month. And if that's not sufficient motivation to blog more often, companies that post to their blogs frequently get 4.5 times more leads than those who rarely post.  

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