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Sales Funnel vs. Buyer's Journey

By Abby Stearns | 10.13.2016


If you've worked in traditional sales for any length of time, you've probably heard about the sales funnel.  It's a vital part of understanding your sales and marketing activity, and it's long been a part of the acquisition cycle.

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Successful Sales and Marketing Integration: A Love Story

By Abby Stearns | 09.27.2016


Romeo and Juliet. Antony and Cleopatra. Kim and Kanye. Sales and Marketing. All of these are beautiful love stories, but today we're going to focus on sales and marketing. (Sorry, KimYe fans.)  

But wait! Sales and marketing aren't a duo. They're two separate entities that occasionally cross paths, right?  Not necessarily. Sure, you can keep them apart, but they definitely work better in tandem.

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[Quick Tip] How to Onboard an Executive Sales Assistant

By Abby Stearns | 04.04.2016


Good news!  You've got a new team member of your sales team, but now you need to figure out how to get that person up and running with as little pain (and interruption in daily business) as possible. How do you proceed?

 1. Formulate a plan. Figure out the daily tasks you need them to start taking over. Map it out so the new hire will know precisely on which tasks they should be focused.

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3 Lethal Poisons for a Sales Conversation (and the Antidotes)

By Abby Stearns | 03.24.2016


You’re in a sales meeting, and you’re sure the clients are interested, but you find yourself back on the sidewalk with a non-committal answer.  What happened?  And what can you do to make sure that it doesn’t happen again?

Good news!  Author Anese Cavanaugh has the remedy for anyone looking for a way to have a more effective sales conversation, and she very kindly shared her insights with us recently on SpinRadio.  According to Anese, there are three poisons that will stop your sales conversations in their tracks.

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How to Create and Use a Weekly Sales Cookbook

By Abby Stearns | 03.10.2016


I am a big believer in tracking and measuring your sales activities. It is incredibly easy to feel like you are doing all the right things. In fact, once you start measuring your activity you quickly see that your gut feeling isn't always accurate. If you aren't measuring your daily and weekly calls, emails, and appointments, then you have no way of analyzing the data to see if what you are doing is actually working.

Keeping a sales cookbook also helps me stay accountable, to myself and my coworkers. I can see at a glance why February might have been a slow month for sales. For example, illnesses, meetings, speaking gigs, and vacation in January adds up to not hitting all my goals. I see that my numbers are down and my notes account for why.

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[Quick Tip] 5 Steps to a Productive Sales Conversation

By Abby Stearns | 02.15.2016


We had a really great time speaking with Anese Cavanaugh (author of Contagious Culture and one of my favorite people) earlier this month on SpinRadio.

You'll want to check out the podcast, Episode 52, with Anese right here the next time you're working out or commuting to work. For now, here's a little sample!

Anese talked about the the mental and emotional prep work that goes into sales conversations. Here are 5 steps to a productive sales conversation:

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A Giant List of Inspirational Quotes from 2015

By Abby Stearns | 12.31.2015

This year, we launched our live radio show SpinRadio. With 47 or so episodes under our belt, we've learned a lot about podcasting, watched our audience grow, and had a lot of fun with special guests.

At the end of each episode, we share an inspirational quote. So, we've gathered all the quotes from SpinRadio 2015 into one giant list.



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[Quick Tip] Follow Up Every Sales Voicemail with an Email

By Abby Stearns | 12.21.2015

I learned this valuable nugget from Dan Tyre: regardless of what type of sales you're in, every sales person should always follow up a voicemail with an email. Also, you should reference the voicemail in your follow up email.



Whether you are calling leads or cold calling and you get someone's voicemail, immediately follow up with an email. The email should refer back to the voicemail as such: 

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The 1 Thing You Should Never Do With Your Email List

By Abby Stearns | 11.17.2015

True story: I was just signed up to a company's email list after I did something that I do every day.

I gave someone my business card.

Soon after, I began receiving their company emails even though I didn't sign up for them.


Did they forget the golden rule of email marketing? You know what it is... say it with me....

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