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5 Free Photo Resources for Your Website

Stephanie Fisher

Posted by Stephanie Fisher on 7/10/14 7:25 PM

5_Free_Photo_ResourcesThe quality of the images you choose can make or break a corporate website design. Though sometimes overlooked or undervalued, one of the most critical components of a website is the photography.

The right photos make a huge difference in the overall impression and effectiveness of your website. We’ve seen many otherwise decent websites that are ruined by poor photo choices or low-quality photos.

The best case scenario is to have custom professional photos taken for your website. Budgets don't always allow for this, we know. That's why it's important to know where to get the best stock photos for cheap or better yet, for free.

A word of warning before you dive into choosing your website and online marketing photos: don't make the mistake of using unlicensed photos. Instead, browse these free photo resources for your website and inbound marketing content.

1. HubSpot's Free Business-Themed Stock Photos

HubSpot understands the need for good, free stock photos because they know how important images are for inbound marketing. They've put together a great offer of 160 free stock photos for you to use on your blog posts, social media channels, landing pages, emails, or wherever you need high-quality images!


2. FreeImages (formerly Stock.Xchange)

Be sure to click on the FREE images that show up in your search. This site offers up premium stock photos from iStock that show up in the search results like ads. 



3. HubSpot's Holiday Stock Photos

HubSpot also offers a stellar package of 250+ free stock photos for all your holiday marketing needs.


4. Canva

This is a super easy tool for creating beautiful graphics for your blog, social media sharing, presentations, and more. Canva offers lots of free templates that you can edit and add your own images to, and for just $1 per element, you can use premium features and stock images. Here's an image I made really quickly for a sample below. This would be great to share on social media to attract traffic back to your blog:


5. Getty Images (embed sharing)

I would only recommend this option to nonprofit organizations. The thing is, there's a lot of gray area when it comes to copywrite and Getty. They recently opened up some of their images to share (only by embedding, if you download the image you have to pay for it). Here's a good blog post about the new sharing feature with some warnings and advice for proceeding with caution.


Do you use any of these free stock photo sites, or others that we didn't mention? Have you had good or bad experiences with them?

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