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10 Essential Tips for How to Record a Webinar

By Michael Reynolds | 12.01.2017


This is part three of our "How to Webinar" series, and was originally published in 2011. It's high time we update and expand the content here. Our last post was A Step-by-Step Guide to Promote Your Next Webinar, and before that How to Host a Webinar that Will Generate Leads for Your Business, and I recommend you read those first if you want more details on creating a successful webinar.

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Promote Your Next Webinar

By Michael Reynolds | 10.24.2017


This post is part of our "how to webinar" series, and was originally published in 2015. We've updated and expanded the post here. Our last post was How to Host a Webinar that Will Generate Leads for Your Business, and I recommend you read it first.

Webinars or webcasts are a potential powerhouse for your digital marketing strategy. If you've planned properly and thought of every detail, you've laid a good foundation for success. Don't stop there! You have to make sure people know about your webinar and show up. Promotion is just as important as your planning steps (see How to Host a Webinar That Will Generate Leads for Your Business).  

If you have an upcoming webinar on your content calendar, here are a few ways to promote it well.

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How to Host a Webinar That Will Generate Leads for Your Business

By Michael Reynolds | 09.28.2017


This post is part one is our "How to Webinar" series, and was originally published in 2014. We updated it with current best practices, tools, a script and extras. Part two is A Step-by-Step Guide to Promote Your Next Webinar, and part three is 10 Essential Tips for How to Record a Webinar.

Digital marketing is a holistic, integrated program that contains many moving parts and tactics. It can include tactics like blogging, social media advertising, SEO, video, email, apps, and long form content.

Webinars or webcasts can be one of the most powerful and high-value components of your digital marketing program.

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Sample Webinar Script and Agenda Template for Businesses in 2017

By Michael Reynolds | 09.12.2017

This post was originally published in December 2015. We've updated it for webinar best practices for business in 2017.

Webinars or webcasts are a powerful lead generation tool in your digital marketing program. As a middle of the funnel offer, a webcast is more personal than an article or ebook and help potential clients get to know your company before having a sales conversation.

Many of our clients have started webinar programs with much success, and others express hesitation for how to get started. We're often asked for a script or an agenda to help them structure it properly. A script is very useful if you've never hosted a webinar before and so we're providing one here. 

But first, let's review some best practices for how to host a webinar.

  1. Use data to select a compelling and specific topic. 
  2. Choose a presenter who is a subject matter expert and an engaging speaker.
  3. Build a visually interesting slide deck.
  4. Set up and schedule your webinar.
  5. Integrate registration with your CRM/database so you can automate capture of leads.
  6. Promote.
  7. Present (see below for script).
  8. Follow up!

Sample Webinar Introduction Script and Template

So without further ado, here is a sample webinar script and template that you can use to present your own webinars. This script assumes that the webinar will involve two people: a host and a presenter.

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4 Specific Tactics for Using Comparative SEO Data to Outsmart the Competition

By Allison Gibbs | 07.31.2017


It's time to get into the nitty gritty of your next SEO moves. You'll need to gather some advanced weaponry if you want to get serious about using competition data to improve SEO.  Are you up to the challenge?

Most of the time, people stop at the obvious questions. Who's ranking #1 for my keywords? What are the top pages on my competitors' domain? You might look at Google Analytics or something more advanced like Moz. But why stop there when you can dig deeper and get some very specific direction on improving SEO?

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How to Successfully Migrate from Salesforce to HubSpot CRM

By Stephanie Fisher | 06.12.2017

A good CRM is one of our best sales tools. It's important to choose the right one for you and your team. If you're planning to leave Salesforce and make the switch to HubSpot CRM you can skip right to Step 2 where we dive into details of how to do the migration!

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New vs. Old: Traditional Marketing for the Modern Buyer

By Allison Gibbs | 05.16.2017


If you're a marketer in the B2B sphere, like we are, you may hear a nagging voice in your head that goes something like this:

"It's all about DISRUPTING now, so we have to do that! Why aren't we disrupting? Everyone's saying multi-channel distribution channels, are we distributing on all the multi-channels? Oh my god, everyone's on SnapChat and WhatsApp and WeChat. Gotta do that, too. OK gang, time to disrupt the multi-channel distribution channels ASAP on SnapChat and WhatsApp and also Slack is the new email. It's all happening now!" Then your head explodes.

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How to Create a Fundraising Email Workflow to Donors

By Stephanie Fisher | 04.10.2017


An email workflow is a series of steps and actions that you can automate to make your email marketing and fundraising more effective and efficient. A workflow isn't just a "one and done" email blast or campaign. For the purpose of this post, you'll want to think about the entire flow of the email series, your goals, how many emails you want to send, and the end goal or action that you want your donors, members or contacts to make. If you're familiar with the business marketing concept of "lead nurturing" you can think of it like that—donor nurturing.

If you're fortunate enough to have a robust automated marketing platform, you can get super detailed with your workflow. If not, no problem. You can use various tools and systems to piece together a cohesive email workflow that can be tracked, measured and analyzed. It will take a little more time and resources, but it can be done.

So, let's get started planning and creating a fundraising workflow to your donors.

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Our Podcast Hardware/Software Shopping List

By Michael Reynolds | 04.03.2017

As you may know, SpinWeb delivers a weekly digital marketing podcast called SpinRadio. It's designed for marketing directors and CMOs and provides a weekly update with trends and insights in digital marketing.

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The Best Entry-Level Nonprofit Online Donation Services for 2017

By Stephanie Fisher | 03.06.2017


If you're involved in a new nonprofit, professional association, church, or an older organization that hasn't made the leap to accepting donations online, this post is for you!

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